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India, Pakistan braving state-sponsored cyber-attack

By : CIOL Writers

Cyber-security firm Symantec has discovered a sustained ‘state-sponsored’ cyber spying campaign against arch rivals India and Pakistan, Reuters reported on Monday. Symantec reportedly sent its threat intelligence report to clients in July noting that espionage attempts dated back to October 2016. The campaign apparently is

Symantec to acquire identity theft protection firm LifeLock

By : CIOL Writers

U.S. cyber-security software company, Symantec has announced that it is acquiring identity theft protection firm LifeLock for $2.3 billion aimed at making Symantec the world’s largest digital safety platform. “As we all know, consumer cybercrime has reached crisis levels. With

Symantec & VMware collaborate on mobile threat management capabilities

USA: At Connect 2016, Symantec and VMware have announced a strategic partnership to integrate their cyber security and endpoint management technologies. “Customers moving toward the digital workspace model are increasingly conscious of their device health and posture, and it is

Video involving Hillary Clinton and ISIS is a spam

By : CIOL Writers

Want to watch the video? Sorry, nothing like this exists. The promised video showing Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton exchanging money with an ISIS leader is actually a click bait being used by cyber criminals these days to distribute

Symantec buys Blue Coat for $4.65bn

USA: Symantec has agreed to buy Blue Coat Systems in a $4.65 billion all-cash deal. The deal is expected to close in Q3. Blue Coat CEO Greg Clark will become Symantec’s new CEO once the deal closes. Symantec was scouting

Have you accepted any friend request on LinkedIn of late?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Scammers are on a prowl, and these days, they are targeting unsuspecting LinkedIn users. According to a new Symantec survey, scammers copy information from real LinkedIn profiles to pose as recruiters and attract new connections. Over the last

When it comes to security, responsibility is the most fractured decision

By : Sonal Desai

Sonal Desai Tarun Kaura, Director, Solutions Product Management, APJ, Symantec, discusses the shifts in the security landscape and new trends like advanced persistent threats (APT). Why is Symantec betting big on APT? APT is the third or fourth new product

3 ways to protect your PCs from Ashley Madison spam mails

MUMBAI, INDIA: Scammers have moved quickly to take advantage of the Ashley Madison data breach and Symantec telemetry shows a spike in spam email campaigns mentioning the infidelity website. Here are three ways you can protect your PCs: Be wary

Symantec securing 1 billion IoT devices

MUMBAI, INDIA: Symantec is securing more than one billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices including televisions, cars, smart meters and critical infrastructure. The company’s IoT security solutions include authentication, device security, analytics and management to help prevent cars, medical devices,

Lessons to be learnt from the Anthem attack

MUMBAI, INDIA: In February 2015, cyber espionage experts targeted Anthem—the second largest health insurance provider in the US. Asserting the development, Joseph Swedish, President and CEO, Anthem, said in a statement posted on the company website, said, Anthem was the

Symantec and Frost Data Capital to incubate cyber security startups

USA: Symantec and Frost Data Capital will create and seed early-stage startups with funding, resources and expertise. These startup companies will receive access to Frost Data Capital’s data analytics ecosystem and deep knowledge and will have the opportunity to collaborate with

After the split, what has Veritas been planning?

By : Sanghamitra Kar

Sanghamitra BANGALORE, INDIA: Veritas, the information management business of Symantec contributed $2.5 billion in Symantec’s revenue in the fiscal year of 2014. As a separate independent entity, Veritas is expected to accelerate its performance and revenue numbers providing enhanced next generation solutions

6 things an enterprise should consider for end of support for Windows Server 2003

MUMBAI, INDIA: Microsoft has announced ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. However, many organizations still count on Windows Server 2003 for critical business operations. Sixty one percent businesses continue to use Server 2003, and many will leverage

Leaked Flash zero-day likely to be exploited by attackers

BANGALORE, INDIA: Symantec has confirmed the existence of a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash which could allow attackers to remotely execute code on a targeted computer. Since details of the vulnerability are now publicly available, it is likely attackers

NASSCOM and Symantec to build cyber security skills

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and Symantec today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for “Building Cyber Security Skills”, an initiative to develop world-class skilled and certified professionals. Sector Skill Council (SSC) NASSCOM

Do not put your Macs on sleep mode: Symantec to Apple users

MUMBAI, INDIA: Security firm Symantec has detected a critical vulnerability in some Apple Mac models that can allow hackers to inject systems with persistent rootkit malware. To date, Symantec has tested four different Mac computer models. The security firm found

Symantec now helps to store data in cloud

BANGALORE, INDIA: Symantec’s new Data Loss Prevention 14 will allow employees to store information in the cloud without worrying about data loss or theft. “Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware security technology that helps companies understand where their sensitive

Global security software revenue totaled $21.4bn in 2014

By : Sanghamitra Kar

BANGALORE, INDIA:  Worldwide security software revenue totaled $21.4 billion in 2014, a 5.3 percent increase from 2013 revenue of $20.3 billion, according to Gartner, Inc. Low growth in endpoint protection platforms and a decline in consumer security software — markets