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Getting to know the athlete inside Atos

Pratima H INDIA: Olympics and Atos are now words uttered in the same breath – And

Rio 2016 Olympics: Can technology be more game-changing this time?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H FRANCE: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would be captivating the whole world between Aug 5

Hotstar gears up for surge in live sports streaming

BANGALORE, INDIA: Hotstar and Akamai have renewed their partnership to deliver live sports content such as the ongoing Indian Premier League(IPL) and the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Hotstar has seen a huge surge in viewership for Live sports, as

Best fitness and body building gadgets

By : CIOL Writers

With the modernisation of the world, new technological advancements for athletes help them maintain their composure when they’re playing for their particular sport. Here are three gadgets that caught our eyes because of their efficiency and workability in the field

ICC and OPPO announce global partnership

NEW DELHI, INDIA:  OPPO mobile has announced its official global partnership worldwide with International Cricket Council (ICC) for the mobile phone category. The partnership will run for 4 years, from the start of 2016 to the end of 2019. Commenting

Rio 2016 Games enter the cloud

MUMBAI, INDIA: Rio 2016 Games have entered the cloud—virtually. According to Atos International, which is providing technology solutions for the event, cloud will be used for key applications including the volunteer portal and the accreditation system. It is also the