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YouTube Kids now available on smart TVs

By : CIOL Writers

Now parents will have more device options to run YouTube Kids for their children, instead of just a smartphone. YouTube Kids, the children-friendly version of Google’s popular YouTube video app is now expanding to a bunch smart TVs from Samsung, Sony

Samsung to update its Smart View app to offer Google Chromecast-like features

By : CIOL Writers

Just a week prior to CES 2017, the South-Korean tech behemoth has updated Samsung Smart View app. And according to the current round of rumours, the features are very much similar to Google Chromecast. Like Chromecast, users will be able

Mobile ransomware can now affect your smart TV also

BANGALORE, INDIA: Researchers at Trend Micro have found a new variant of the Android mobile lock-screen ransomware, known as “FLocker” which can lock down smart TVs as well. FLocker checks whether the device is located in the following Eastern European counties: