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Panasonic exploring artificial intelligence companies for mobile technology

By : CIOL Writers

Panasonic India is exploring options for acquiring companies in the next 6-9 months to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning technologies, which it wants to integrate with its future smartphones to differentiate from rival vendors in the crowded yet

You got to attend these 4 cool tech conferences

By : CIOL Writers

Technology is ever evolving and progressing. The world revolves around the connectivity provided by technology and industry leaders are working to improve speeds, devices and overall performance to make those devices and programs more convenient. Technology conferences are as much

Summer internship: Think beyond Apple and Google

By : CIOL Writers

Computer science and engineering students are hot properties in Silicon Valley. The demand for tech talent is huge and this results in tech companies rolling out the red carpet for talented, often in the form of incredibly generous salaries and

Silicon Valley start-ups score over India in VC evaluation

BENGALURU, INDIA: Even as investors and supporting bodies brag about the growing confluence of the start-up industry in India, corporate venture capital arms are giving the domestic start-ups a royal miss. Instead, they are looking at Silicon Valley-based start-ups. For