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Who’s watching your network bro?

Sriram Subramanian Networking is going through a phase of rapid evolution with the advent of cloud

Datacenter trends to watch out for in 2017

As 2017 gets underway, Vikram Mulye, Head, Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo India shares his predictions for what 2017 holds in store for the datacenter market. Analytics Businesses today are looking to their IT organisations for near real-time analysis of data

Programmable Networks – Or the Parkour of Security?

Pratima H INDIA: They didn’t know it back then but things were so easy for them. Construct gigantic iron gates; lay down intimidating moats and if you like to still jazz it up, sprinkle sharp spears all over the entrance.

Brace up for unknown competition

Narsimha Rao Mannepalli INDIA: If I look back at the way companies and their competition were classified at the start of my career vis-à-vis what I see now, the difference is like night and day. For example, car sales or

Can Analytics be Flamingo enough for the Network act?

Pratima H SAN FRANCISCO, USA: It may be true or not but many people, including neurology experts, researchers and of course, unsolicited advisers, swear by the 20 second test. Stand on one leg and try balancing for at least 20

Being ‘Lean and Mean’ not enough for a ‘Smart’ Grid

Pratima H MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Ah! The fantasy of a grid that is intelligent, intuitive and hates wastage! Does it not sound surreal when you come across a push-button grid that marries technology and electricity in a brainy way? Where appliances

SDN. A critical enabler of IoT

Sreekanth S Software defined Networking (SDN), one of the most disruptive technologies in networking in recent times, has already marked its way in the industry. As per the latest report published by Allied Market Research, SDN market is expected to

Spelling out NFV and learning from ‘Frederick the Great’

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: Playing Whack-A-Mole? Confusing NFV and NV? Not treating security attacks like diseases? Underestimating network’s role there? B S Nagarajan, Sr. Director, Systems Engineering, VMware India underscores micro-segmentation, SDDC approach, strategic vs. tactical military and some other elements as he dissects

From Black Boxes to White Boxes and no Boxes

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: At the recently-held fifth annual ‘Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Data Center Summit’, a lot of practitioners and research think-tank minds were busy dissecting the future of infrastructure, that – with a number of tools and on a

SDN and NFV: The future of networking

Swapna Bapat Software Defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) have become hot topics in the networking industry in the last few years. While both technologies are designed to allow data centers to be more agile and flexible in responding to changes

The SDN Syndrome: Where’s the pill in this jam?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: “Because I am telling you so!” CIO A could make his point by screaming it raw sometimes. “And that’s exactly why I am bathing in skepticism all over.” CIO B retorted with equal ferocity. “You are just

Numbers of Note: Webscale IT

MUMBAI, INDIA: From the backyards of Google, Facebook, Amazon etc, this approach is finally trickling on IT spend tables inside CIOs’ offices. Web-Scale IT or a novel pattern of global class computing that can deliver the capabilities of large cloud

SDC to rule SDI growth ahead

INDIA: A new research predicts that the global SDI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.6 per cent during the period 2016-2022. Infoholic Research LLP has published a study titled “Global Software Defined Infrastructure – Market, Trends

Bye Bye 2015: Datacenter networking trends to watch out for in 2016

Edgar Dias The year 2015 saw organizations disrupting their markets with digital transformation of their businesses, through embracing third platform computing and New IP networking technologies. The year saw software transforming the data center and networks with service providers and

Bye Bye 2015: IT in 2016 can be like this

Parag Arora As 2016 approaches, we are gearing up for a very exciting year in technology and its business implications. Here’s why- -We will see the renewed focus of CIOs towards enabling and empowering the business users to provide their

Server mkt in India touching $698 mn by 2016

By : Pratima Harigunani

MUMBAI, INDIA: The Indian data center infrastructure market will total $2 billion in 2016, a 5.2 per cent increase from 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. “Within the Indian IT infrastructure market, server revenue is forecast to reach $698 million in

The On-Demand wave arrives on Networking shores

Tee Soo Kiat THE traditional model of purchasing and managing network services is rapidly changing and becoming less relevant. In the new industry landscape, corporations are under pressure to become more efficient and agile than before with the traditional, hardware-centric

SDN Fx climbs into Burj Khalifa

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Avaya, a provider of networking and engagement solutions, announced the implementation of Avaya’s SDN Fx technology within Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. This next-generation technology infrastructure will enable guests, tenants, and IT teams to enjoy the

Brocade pushes open source SDN with new controller and applications

BANGALORE, INDIA: Brocade today announced the Brocade SDN Controller 2.0, an OpenDaylight (ODL) controller based on the Lithium ODL release, and two new software-defined networking (SDN) applications—Brocade Topology Manager and Brocade Flow Manager. These new solutions will facilitate open source

Will 2016 show SDN picking up in India?

PUNE, INDIA: In recent times, SDN has become the buzzword in the networking industry and is widely tipped to be the next game-changer. A Juniper Networks commissioned study by IDC entitled “Understanding SDN is the key to transformation”, surveyed 171 IT