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Sony brings back its AI-infused robot dog project

By : CIOL Writers

Pets can be great friends for humans. But in today’s tense life pets cannot get the love and attention they deserve. But what if a pet does not require any human help ever. Maybe that is why Sony is bringing

Universal Robots expands its online robot progamming curriculum

Universal Robots introduced the online learning platform to ensure that everybody with a desire to learn the concepts of robots get the introduction necessary to master basic programming skills. More than 14,000 users from 132 countries have joined the Universal Robots Academy to become

Its Man vs Robots: Stop ’em if you can!

By : CIOL Writers

We may sit and discuss and debate about the nuances of new H-1B visa rules, but looks like, it’s not the Indians nor any other country’s nationals that the Americans need to fear for taking away their jobs. It’s their (well,

Bangalore class VIII students build a multi-purpose robot with National Instruments’ system-design platform

By : CIOL Writers

Platform-based systems provider, National Instruments (NI) has mentored Anuj Verma and Shlok Jhawar, class VIII students of Delhi Public School, Bangalore in successfully creating a 4-wheeled, all-terrain, multi-purpose robot named, Recon Rover. The Robot that can be used for surveillance

Foxconn aims to replace human workforce with robots

By : CIOL Writers

Technology has come a long way undoubtedly. However, is it worth and wise to replace humans with robots? Though we are yet to know the answer, Foxconn is planning to fully automate its factories, replacing a vast majority of human

NASA organizing a competition to prepare robots for Mars journey

By : CIOL Writers

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is organizing a competition — Space Robotics Challenge — to develop the capabilities of humanoid robots to help astronauts on the journey to Mars. The Space Robotics Challenge competition is designed to push

Adidas’ new Speedfactory would be fully run by robots

By : CIOL Writers

Though Robotics is used across manufacturing industry to build products in varying degree, but no company has as yet completely automated the production process. But soon, this is going to change with an Adidas Speedfactory, completely run by bots in

Check these spiderbots weave ingenious labyrinth with carbon fiber

By : CIOL Writers

Seeing the pair of these spidebots crawl along the walls and interact with one another in swarm fashion in the video doesn’t look very appealing to eyes at first but the story they ‘weave’ (quite literally) in between surely leaves

Bullets and Roses: To Bot or not to Bot

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Like pixies jumping out of nowhere and skedaddling out of their ground holes,

Future Calling: Humans vs Robots

By : CIOL Writers

Saya is a receptionist. Baxter is an assembly line worker. Bob is a security guard. And

Robots, IoT to help garbage collectors

By : Sonal Desai

How often do we cover our face to avoid looking at the mountain of trash and