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Outages are good places to reboot?

Pratima H BANGALORE, INDIA: As cliche as the line may sound – with great power, sure

Prosthesis: The anti-robot keeping humans at the heart of technology

By : CIOL Writers

A 3.5 ton, the two-storey tall racing robot with four steel legs and a massive battery pack in its belly is being built somewhere in Vancouver but this Frankenstein isn’t your autonomous robot from science-fiction. “Prosthesis: the anti-robot” needs a

Epson brings industrial robot for electronics manufacturers

BANGALORE, INDIA: Epson announced the launch of  the C8 Series of vertical six-axis industrial robots aimed at manufacturers of auto parts, electronic equipment and other products. Apart from the auto parts and electronic industry the C8 Series are also ideal

World’s first robot enrolled in high school

By : Riddhi Sharma

Ever imagined sitting next to a robot in the classroom? Well, it is now going to be a reality for students of Hisashi High School in Waseda, Japan. Pepper, a humanoid robot applied for a high school admission and has been

2045 initiative- Millionaire Dmitry Itskov aims immortality

By : CIOL Writers

Dmitry Itskov, a Russian entrepreneur and the founder of New Media Stars, a web-based media company wants to live forever by transferring his personality into a robot. “2045 initiative” is what he has named his ambitious project that aims to

A robot in queue for new Apple iPhone

MUMBAI, INDIA: Who says you need to burn your legs standing in endless queues to buy your latest Apple iPhone? Well, a robot can do it for you!! A smart Australian woman despatched a telepresence robot embedded with an iPad