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Top 10 social media highs of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

From Pokemon Go to Reliance Jio to Demonetization, social media had a lot to discuss, debate and gush over in 2016. If politically, the biggest news of 2016 was Brexit and US Presidential election, economically, demonetization detonated like a bomb

Wass Up Tech: Leaking Out, Blowing Out, Running Out

INDIA: When a hacking group gets a hand into passwords for the Rio Olympic database and spills

NFC Visa powered ring open for pre-orders

By : CIOL Writers

The Visa-based payment ring called NFC ring that was given to athletes who made it to

Tinder matches and swipes in full swing at Rio Olympics 2016

By : CIOL Writers

The game is at its peak at Rio with players giving their heart and soul to

Wass Up Tech: VR Olympics, Walmart’s race with Amazon, and IT’s sprint at Rio 2016

INDIA: Denim and leopard prints are back in season, but not where they are usually draped. Another

Gemalto’s Wristband to make commuting easy at Rio’16

By : CIOL Writers

Gemalto, an international digital security company has announced a partnership with RioCard, Rio de Janeiro’s public

Mayor wants Pokemon Go at Rio Olympics

By : CIOL Writers

People are going crazy after Pokemon Go. After Israel’s Defense forces and President Reuven Rivlin, sharing

Rio 2016 Games enter the cloud

MUMBAI, INDIA: Rio 2016 Games have entered the cloud—virtually. According to Atos International, which is providing