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Mobile ransomware more than trebled in Q1, 2017: Kaspersky

By : CIOL Writers

The global nightmare of ransomware shows no sign of slowing down, with the volume of mobile ransomware rising over three-fold (3.5 times) during the first few months of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Malware Report for Q1, 2017. The

Microsoft to acquire cyber security firm Hexadite for $100mn: Report

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft is acquiring Israeli cyber security startup Hexadite for $100 million, the Hebrew language website Calcalist reported on Wednesday. Microsoft’s new purchase comes on the heels of global wreck courtesy WannaCry ransomware affecting more than 300,000 windows computers in 150 countries since it surfaced

Symantec blames North Korea for WannaCry ransomware

By : CIOL Writers

While researchers across the world are trying their best to contain the damage by world’s biggest ransomware attack – WannaCry – researchers at Symantec Corp believe the ransomware is “highly likely” from a hacking group associated with North Korea. Due to the similarities

Kaspersky report says Windows 7 was most affected OS due to WannaCry

By : CIOL Writers

WannaCry, one of the biggest ransomware attack in the history, wreaked havoc across the world by hitting more than 300,000 windows computers in 150 countries since it surfaced on May, 12. Though Microsoft issued a security patch for its unsupported systems,

French researchers claim to have found a way to unlock WannaCry without ransom

By : CIOL Writers

Looks like, we may have finally got a way-around WannaCry without shelling out any bitcoins. A group of French researchers have claimed to have found a ‘last-chance way’ for technicians to unlock their Windows files encrypted by WannaCry without paying any

Bitcoin: Digital currency or criminal currency?

By : CIOL Writers

WannaCry cyber attack that engulfed more than 100 countries over the weekend indeed left many people crying. The ransomware apparently based on stolen US National Security Agency’s surveillance tools affected tens of thousands of machines worldwide, that included Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, operations at the

48,000 attempts of WannaCry ransomware attack detected in India: Quick Heal

By : CIOL Writers

Many organisations and networks in over 150 countries were crippled by the recent WannaCry ransomware outbreak. According to IT Security solutions provider, Quick Heal, it detected over 48,000 MS-17- 010 Shadow Broker exploit hits responsible for ‘WannaCry ransomware’ outbreak in

Who will rescue Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 from online pirates?

By : CIOL Writers

While the world is reeling under a massive ransomware attack affecting over 100 countries, another hacking plot seems to be underway in the Hollywood. No, it isn’t some Steven Speilberg movie based on cyber-attack, rather a cyber-attack on a movie

MeitY reaches out to RBI, NPCI & UIDAI against ‘Wanna Cry’ ransomware

By : CIOL Writers

In the wake of global ransomware attack that has affected over 100 countries, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has reached out to key stakeholders like RBI, National Payments Corporation of India, NIC and UIDAI (Aadhaar) to advise them

Mobile ransomware can now affect your smart TV also

BANGALORE, INDIA: Researchers at Trend Micro have found a new variant of the Android mobile lock-screen ransomware, known as “FLocker” which can lock down smart TVs as well. FLocker checks whether the device is located in the following Eastern European counties:

Crypto-ransomware targeting Windows 7 & later versions

The analysts at Trend Micro found that the new ZRYPT ransomware family only targets systems with newer versions of Windows, specifically Windows 7 and later. The malware calls a function which does not exist in earlier versions of Windows; this

New offline Ransomware menacing Windows users

BANGALORE, INDIA: Researchers at eScan have detected and analyzed a new offline Ransomware ‘Trojan.Cryptolocker.AT’ targeting Windows users in Russia, which doesn’t need any interaction of Command and Control Server. How does it work? Firstly the Malware enters the system through

This hunter of games demands real ransom

MUMBAI, INDIA: Kaspersky Lab has detected curious behavior in a new threat from the TeslaCrypt ransomware encryptor family. Most TeslaCrypt infections occur in the USA, Germany and Spain; followed by Italy, France and United Kingdom. Early samples of TeslaCrypt were detected