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Physics for DIY-ers

Pratima H INDIA: You can call him a lifelong restless tinkerer but the obsession for constantly

IBM unleashes the quantum computing experience

USA: IBM today is making quantum computing available to the public via the IBM Cloud onto any desktop or mobile device. The IBM Quantum Experience will allow users to run algorithms and experiments on IBM’s quantum processor. Built by IBM

16 predictions from Microsoft Research for 2016

MUMBAI, INDIA: Founded in 1991, Microsoft’s Research, which completes 25 years next year, has released 16 predictions. Most of the predictions revolve around Quantum computing, Quantum computers, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, data centers, cloud, IoT and security. These include: New

Intel takes a quantum leap

MUMBAI, INDIA: In what can be termed as a move that will position one of the world’s largest processor manufacturers in the niche league, Intel has announced investments to the tune of $50 million in quantum computing. Intel said that