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Qualcomm unveils depth sensing camera for Android

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm has announced an expansion to the Qualcomm Spectra Module Program, which is capable of capturing three-dimensional images and movements in real time and convert that data into digital form. This module program is built on the same technology that’s

Apple’s iPhone manufacturers file counter suit against Qualcomm over patent fees

By : CIOL Writers

It could well be called a season of lawsuits in the Silicon Valley. From Apple vs Qualcomm to Uber vs Waymo, legal battles are making daily headlines in the tech industry. Well, here we are talking about the never-ending legal fight

Qualcomm introduces Smart Audio Platform to help tech firms build smart speakers

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The Smart Speakers market is about to get crowded, thanks to Qualcomm. Now along with Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home, you will see a range of speakers from smaller hardware companies also. The US chipmaker has introduced a Smart

Qualcomm now sues Apple’s contract manufacturers over unpaid royalties

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm vs Apple’s battle is refusing to die down. Adding more fuel to its patent battle against Cupertino giant, the US chipmaker has now sued Foxconn and three other Taiwanese manufacturers that supply iPhone and iPad components for not paying royalties.

Qualcomm files countersuit in a rebuttal to Apple’s billion-dollar lawsuit over patent licensing

By : CIOL Writers

Apple filed a billion dollar lawsuit against American chipmaker Qualcomm this January for over-charging them for the use of patents. That was followed up by two additional suits, one in China and one in the United Kingdom that also focused on patents and designs.

Qualcomm’s new 205 mobile platform will bring 4G and VoLTE support to feature phones

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm is all geared up to provide 4G and VoLTE support to entry-level feature phones for the emerging markets like India, Latin America, South East Asia and others. The chipmaker announced the 205 Mobile Platform, its first mobile platform at

iPhone 8 reportedly to feature wireless charging

By : CIOL Writers

Looks like its time up for ‘ports’ in Apple’s iPhone. After the headphone jack, the next in line could be the lightning charging port to bid goodbye to the iconic iPhone. Wondering what makes us say so? Read on. Apple

Apple files $1bn lawsuit again Qualcomm for overpricing

By : CIOL Writers

2017 hasn’t started on a very good note for the San Diego-based chip maker, Qualcomm. Early this week, the United States Federal Trade Commission sued Qualcomm for antitrust violations. Now, Apple has also joined in by filing a $1 billion

Larry Paulson appointed as vice president and president of Qualcomm India

Qualcomm Incorporated has appointed Larry Paulson as vice president and president of Qualcomm India. He was Vice President Product Management- Qualcomm Device Reference Designs (QRD) at Qualcomm prior to this. In his new role, he will provide leadership and drive business growth

Intel announces world’s first Global 5G Modem, AT&T too unveiled its 5G evolution plans

By : CIOL Writers

Following Qualcomm’s announcement last year, Intel at CES 2017, has unveiled a 5G modem, codenamed ‘Goldridge’. “5G will enable billions of ‘things’ to become smart through seamless connectivity, massive computing power and access to rich data and analytics stored at

Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 835 to power immersive AR and VR experiences

USA: At CES, Qualcomm has unveiled the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with X16 LTE, the first mobile platform to be commercially manufactured using the 10nm FinFET process node. It is designed to simultaneously meet the high performance demands, thermal limits and power

Microsoft to bring Windows 10 for PC to mobile ARM processors in 2017

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft made an announcement in Shenzhen which has already created a rage among Cellular PC lovers. Microsoft has decided to push the full desktop version of Windows 10 to mobile ARM processors in 2017. In partnership with Qualcomm, Windows 10

Qualcomm teams up with Samsung to build Snapdragon 835

By : CIOL Writers

After 14nm Snapdragon 820 and 821, Qualcomm is once again collaborating with Samsung to build its next-gen SoC, the Snapdragon 835. Qualcomm has decided to deploy the South Korean giant’s 10-nanometer FinFET process to build the next iteration of its

Qualcomm launches 3 new mid-range Snapdragon processors for performance phones

Qualcomm Technologies has introduced three new Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in its Snapdragon 600 and 400 tiers: the 653, 626, and 427. The new Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver higher levels of processing performance than their predecessors for high performance and high volume mobile

Intel’s factories ready for manufacturing LG mobile chips

By : CIOL Writers

As per latest news from Intel’s developer forum in San Francisco, Korea’s LG plans to make its own mobile chips — in Intel’s factories. It should be noted that LG earlier relied on processors from Qualcomm. But now, they plan

Qualcomm chip security flaw could affect 900mn Android users

By : CIOL Writers

Four major security failings in the Qualcomm chips which power modern Android devices have left as many as 900 million users vulnerable to a range of attacks, according to Israel-based security firm Checkpoint. The researchers at the security firm say

A software code flaw can leave entire telecom infra worldwide open to hacks

By : CIOL Writers

A newly discovered anomaly that exists in a wide range of telecommunication products, including radios in cell towers, routers, and switches, as well as the baseband chips in individual phones, may leave mobile phones and key parts of the world’s

ARM chooses a Chinese Co to license its architecture

By : CIOL Writers

The leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property ARM has licensed the ARMv8-A architecture to Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology, a joint venture between China’s Guizhou province and a subsidiary of Qualcomm. The Chinese company will make ARM-based chipsets for servers in data centers,

Jaipur gets Cisco’s first Lighthouse City status in South Asia

JAIPUR, INDIA: Jaipur gets the status of being the first ‘Lighthouse City’ in South Asia and hence joins the league of Cisco Lighthouse Cities globally such as Hamburg, Barcelona and Adelaide. As competition between cities for talent, business, investment and

Qualcomm announces Design in India initiative

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a bid to support the GOI initiative of Make in India, Qualcomm had announced a Design in India initiative. It must be noted that Paul E Jacobs, Executive Chairman, Qualcomm, had announced Qualcomm’s support for the