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Google’s Project Loon will be controlled by AI, instead of algorithms

By : CIOL Writers

In order to efficiently handle Google’s giant white Internet-delivering balloons, the Project Loon team has revealed that it’s using artificial intelligence technology instead of hard-coded algorithms. Initially, the Project Loon team used algorithms to change the altitude and stay in

Google’s “Project Loon” hits a road block

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s ambitious “Project Loon” seems to have hit a road block. Barely after a few months of its first tests on its balloon-powered Wi-Fi service, the project has got into a legal entangle. The concept works using a network of

Google ambition, Project Loon comes to India

New Delhi: Google’s ambitious Project Loon has been launched in India. The search engine major is running a pilot with the Government of India providing Internet connectivity by using large balloons. Named Project Loon, Google, uses big balloons floating at