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Microsoft launches new privacy controls to ease privacy concerns

By : CIOL Writers

With Windows 10 launch, the Redmond-based company received a flood of criticism for one of the most serious internet issues- privacy. While Windows 10 users were working on PC, the operating system was collecting user information. Though some data collection

Data Security Council of India (DSCI) launches Singapore chapter

By : CIOL Writers

After creating over 4000 security and privacy professionals in India with 12 chapters, Data Security Council of India (DSCI), a premier body on cyber security launched its chapter in Singapore. With the aim to encourage the exchange of information, sharing

Wass Up Tech: Paying a price, Paying fines

INDIA: Security is changing many things. If announcements made at Cisco Live (yes, the networking giant is

People, relax, Facebook will not charge you to protect your privacy

By : CIOL Writers

For those who have been frantically posting status updates on Facebook, standing up against the company’s

Indian smartphone app users compromise security by allowing access to personal info

By : CIOL Writers

About one in two Indians is severely exposed to privacy risks, as they allow most app

Internet of Things and Privacy Concerns

By : CIOL Writers

Technology is indispensable, makes things super easy and convenient but there is a dark side to

If you are a business using customer data, stay alert

NEW YORK, USA: A new report from Accenture warns that businesses’ use of personal data from

Hunting for the ‘Right to be be Forgotten’

INDIA: The new digital age brings both opportunities and risks. The launch of the Single Digital Market