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Nintendo posts $569mn Q3 profit on the back of Pokemon Go sales

By : CIOL Writers

Nintendo, the Japanese gaming company, is now churning profits from its popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go, released last year. Beating analyst’s expectation, Nintendo has reported a $569 million profit on revenue of $1.5 billion for the third fiscal quarter

Pokemon Go has finally made its way into Apple Watch

By : CIOL Writers

Now Apple Watch owners can catch digital Charmander, Snorlax, Bulbasaur and other Pokemon from their wrist! Niantic Labs, the inventor of Pokemon Go, launched an app for the Apple Watch enabling users to manage most of the in-game actions without

Will Super Mario Run be the next Pokemon Go?

By : CIOL Writers

Nintendo gave us Pokemon Go and created all the rage that you can see here. Now, the Japanese company is all pumped with next game which is bound to bring back the nostalgic moments of childhood, Super Mario Run. The

Top 10 social media highs of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

From Pokemon Go to Reliance Jio to Demonetization, social media had a lot to discuss, debate and gush over in 2016. If politically, the biggest news of 2016 was Brexit and US Presidential election, economically, demonetization detonated like a bomb

Pokémon GO finally releasing in India tomorrow, thanks to RJio & Niantic partnership

Reliance Jio is now bringing the sought-after, first-of-its-kind, Augmented Reality game ‘Pokémon GO’ to India in a partnership  with Niantic – publisher and developer of the game. From tomorrow onwards, thousands of Reliance Digital Stores and select partner premises in

How Pokémon Go captured the focus back on Data

Manish Choudhary Pokémon Go is undoubtedly an augmented reality phenomenon. As the most popular mobile game

Harry Potter Go, a new augmented reality game expected to hit our mobiles soon

By : CIOL Writers

Another good news for Potterheads. Google is not the only one who understands our love for

Kaspersky discovers a new PokemonGo malicious app downloaded over 500000 times

By : CIOL Writers

There was a sudden rage in the gaming industry that had its origin in the launch

Wass Up Tech: Leaking Out, Blowing Out, Running Out

INDIA: When a hacking group gets a hand into passwords for the Rio Olympic database and spills

Is Pokemon Go IT’s new BYOD Monster?

Pratima H CA, USA: Meteoric – the word – finally gets the right place to describe

Google Duo is topping charts on Google Play store

By : CIOL Writers

Within a week of its launch, Google’s new video calling app Duo is topping charts on

Pokémon Go triggers 100pc rise in battery packs sales

By : CIOL Writers

We all know that Pokémon Go is raking in moolah for its makers. But do you

Pokémon Go: The game is still on

By : CIOL Writers

You cannot deny the unprecedented rage and fervor that Pokémon Go has generated across the world.

Pokemon Go creator Niantic’s CEO is OurMine’s latest victim

By : CIOL Writers

Hacker group OurMine at its notoriety once again! In another high-profile online breach, OurMine hacked into

Social media apps ruled the roost in the first half of 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Despite the unprecedented gaming fervor – courtesy Pokémon Go – the social media apps dominated the

Good and not so good news from Twitter’s earnings

By : CIOL Writers

The tech and social networking giants have announced their quarterly earnings. It includes everyone from Facebook

No Pokémon GO effect in Nintendo’s earnings

By : CIOL Writers

Nintendo who was once “the legendary gaming company” – because of its iconic flagship product NES

Can Augmented Reality turn around Apple’s fortune?

By : CIOL Writers

Apple’s dwindling fortune sees no respite as iPhone sales declined for the second straight quarter but

PokeMatch, for those who lost love for Pokemon Go obsession

By : CIOL Writers

For all the Pokémon Go addicts, who recently lost their partners or spouses for their love

Facebook is the undisputed social media boss in New Zealand

By : CIOL Writers

Even though Pokemon Go is the current buzz, that is raging hot across the world (through