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Snap acquires Mobli’s ‘Geofilters’ patent for $7.7 million

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap has reportedly acquired Mobli’s ‘Geofilters’ patent for $7.7 million. Mobli is photo-sharing network, which also happens to be Instagram’s rival. Citing sources and a confidential email sent by Mobli, to its shareholders, TechCrunch report says that

Qualcomm files countersuit in a rebuttal to Apple’s billion-dollar lawsuit over patent licensing

By : CIOL Writers

Apple filed a billion dollar lawsuit against American chipmaker Qualcomm this January for over-charging them for the use of patents. That was followed up by two additional suits, one in China and one in the United Kingdom that also focused on patents and designs.

Wass Up Tech: Paying a price, Paying fines

INDIA: Security is changing many things. If announcements made at Cisco Live (yes, the networking giant is

Yahoo is selling its search technology patent

By : CIOL Writers

Yahoo is planning to sell approximately 3,000 patents, including its proprietary search technology, in a deal

Apple faces $862 million payout suit

MUMBAI, INDIA: Consumer giant Apple which created ripples globally with the launch of its latest iPhones,