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Lesson 6: DIY or?

By : Preeti

Technology lessons that still throb around

Top ten styles that can change the way you work

By : Preeti

Some people think that IT Industry is either about geeks or suits, with no style quotient whatsoever. Really?

Top ten non-IT ripples that changed IT

By : Preeti

There’s nothing called an IT hole in this era. Many bolts from the blue can burrow up to the CIO even if s/he thinks that IT is cocooned under the surface. Some examples

IT casted in six as per Citrix

By : Preeti

The levels of complexity will get even deeper with a plethora of heterogeneous form factors, platforms and devices coming into the workplace.

Dr. No or Dr. Yes, time to decide

CIOs need to be ready for the inevitable and brutal truth that is approaching their territory fast. Wake up and smell the smoke