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Getting to know the athlete inside Atos

Pratima H INDIA: Olympics and Atos are now words uttered in the same breath – And

Wass Up Tech: Leaking Out, Blowing Out, Running Out

INDIA: When a hacking group gets a hand into passwords for the Rio Olympic database and spills

The Olympics-craze and chasing app-network-appetite 

Nagendra Venkaswamy The excitement around the world for 2016 Rio Olympics is unparalleled. Similar sentiment echoes

Tinder matches and swipes in full swing at Rio Olympics 2016

By : CIOL Writers

The game is at its peak at Rio with players giving their heart and soul to win an Olympic medal for their country. But interestingly, hearts are looking for another kind of match too at the Olympics village. Latest statistics

Wass Up Tech: VR Olympics, Walmart’s race with Amazon, and IT’s sprint at Rio 2016

INDIA: Denim and leopard prints are back in season, but not where they are usually draped. Another VR (Virtual Reality) toy! Not really, this one stands out for being smartphone-powered and for coming out of the stable of phone-major Xiaomi. The

Smart wearables for Olympics 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Wearable devices such as smartwatches or fitness trackers have become an accepted phenomenon all over the world. Then, how could 2016 Olympics games escape the tech impression? The opening ceremony scheduled for August 5th is less than a week away.

Mayor wants Pokemon Go at Rio Olympics

By : CIOL Writers

People are going crazy after Pokemon Go. After Israel’s Defense forces and President Reuven Rivlin, sharing their Pokemon craze on social media, it’s Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes, who has asked the popular augmented reality game to launch in Rio.

Samsung launches a Limited Edition Galaxy S7 Edge for Rio Olympics

By : CIOL Writers

Samsung is pushing Olympics enthusiasts to show their support through mobile phones. Samsung Electronics, Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category, has launched an Olympic Games Limited Edition of its Galaxy S7 Edge handset along with Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: Can technology be more game-changing this time?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H FRANCE: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would be captivating the whole world between Aug 5 and 21 as the ultimate global playground for many sports. But technology might get a new spotlight too and break new records of intersections

Catch live updates from Olympics on Snapchat

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat, whose bread and butter, relies on live event coverage, is creating headlines with its first-of-its-kind tie-up with NBCUniversal. Snapchat will create a dedicated channel within the app that will feature content from the Olympics including daily “live stories” from

Olympics, Manchester United set digital transformation goal

MUMBAI, INDIA: Two of the world’s most loved games, the Olympics and soccer have undertaken a digital transformation journey. After all, the sporting community is all about communicating with fans! Canopy – the Atos cloud – provides secure cloud IT