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Facebook may be planning subscription-based news service

By : CIOL Writers

If you are used to getting insights into what is happening around the world with Facebook, your news consumption habits are about to be changed. Facebook could begin testing a paywall for subscription based news service as early as October,

Will Google’s Digital News Initiative be a threat to journalists?

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s Digital News Initiative (DNI), launched in 2015, is funding a large British news agency- The Press Association (PA) to build a software for automated news writing. The funds, to the tune of $805,000 will help to create ‘Radar’ – Reporters

Get ready for Google and Synergyse

By : CIOL Writers

Google, the tech giant has acquired another business-technology start-up, Synergyse, which was founded by Varun Malhotra with an aim to teach users how to use Google Apps. Google intends to make Synergyse Training for Google Apps available for free to

Ujjivan Financials’ IPO draws massive response

By : CIOL Writers

Small finance bank (SFB) licensee Ujjivan Financial Services’ initial public offering (IPO) raised Rs. 885 crore in an initial public offering (IPO) that closed on Monday after receiving spectacular demand for more than 40 times the shares on offer. Ujjivan’s is

Facebook proposes new share structure

By : CIOL Writers

It isn’t just its stellar performance for the quarter that’s turning heads, Facebook’s proposed new share structure is also creating lot of buzz all around. After posting record high $5.8 billion revenue, Facebook has contended that its new class of

Infosys buys a minority stake in Trifacta

By : CIOL Writers

Infosys Ltd, India’s second-largest software firm has bought a minority stake in San Francisco-based Trifacta Inc. by making an undisclosed investment in the data visualization start-up, marking the seventh investment in a start-up from the company’s $500 million innovation fund.

Facebook is stronger than ever

By : CIOL Writers

Mark Zuckerberg proves once again why he is the undoubted titan of the tech industry. Beating all expectations and analysis, the company reported new record highs in both the fourth quarter and 2015 as a whole. The company has reported

Microsoft reaffirms commitment for windows 10 mobile

By : CIOL Writers

Only after few days of Microsoft reporting its revenue fall from $21.73 billion to $20.53 billion, the executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group – Terry Myerson- confirms that the company is still committed to the OS platform.

$100 million VR startup accelerator from HTC

By : CIOL Writers

A $100 million accelerator program called Vive X is being launched by HTC for startups that want to use its VR technology. The program that is expected to offer mentorship, secure investment, and access to VR tech, will launch in Beijing,

‘Game of Thrones’ hysteria on Social Media

By : CIOL Writers 1

When the sixth series of Game of Thrones –“The Red Woman” landed officially, it was pure hysteria and euphoria all around. The buzz created on the social networking sites generated more than 1.5 million social posts in the last week.

Racing against time: Cyber thieves and Chip technology

By : CIOL Writers

Being aware that the new credit card chip technology being adopted by U.S. retailers closes a lucrative window of opportunity to hack accounts and steal data, cyber-thieves are having a race against time. “We’ve actually seen a number of discussions,

J&K Govt wants to access WhatsApp in the State

By : CIOL Writers

According to recent directives, the Jammu & Kashmir government wants to access every WhatsApp group chat in the state. The state government has sent two different communique asking WhatsApp group admins of “social media news agencies” and “WhatsApp newsgroups” to

Google wins copyright battle on book-scanning

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s ambitious book-scanning project has cleared its final legal hurdle, with the US Supreme Court denying an appeal claiming that the tech company was breaching copyright laws. The top US court denied without comment a petition from the Authors Guild

David Silverman’s “Superslackers”

By : CIOL Writers

David Silverman, producer and director of “The Simpsons”, has signed on to direct animated comedy series “Superslackers,” which will feature several social media stars. The core cast is led by social media stars Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr., Dan Nampaikid, Jon

Panasonic India’s future plans

By : CIOL Writers

Panasonic Corporation of India, where Daizo Ito is the current Managing Executive Officer, expects to more than double the revenue from mobile phones by increasing its market share. The company with 10 smart phones already in the market, priced between

Security costs to protect Twitter’s CEO

By : CIOL Writers

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did not make a penny in salaries, bonuses, or stock awards from the company last year. He did, however, receive more than $68,500 in security services, according to a Twitter filing with the Securities and Exchange

Library resurrected via social media

By : CIOL Writers

When social media has often been blamed for ruining the personal touch with books, the same platform has helped hundreds of people to rebuild the entire library, which was attacked and destroyed in March damaging 5,000 books. The AKG Memorial

A Mobile App for Kerala’s LDF Candidate

By : CIOL Writers

2016 will surely go down in history books as the year of high-tech elections. From Facebook live chats to viral music videos, tech mania is at its all-time high in this poll season. However one independent candidate seems to have

Venture capital funding for startups drop

By : Riddhi Sharma

While, we might see a rise in a number of startups every day. There is an equal number of them shutting down on a daily basis. We heard about Lady Gaga’s startup Backplane crashing and now Uber for kids startup

Yuvraj’s Vyomo to be rebranded

By : CIOL Writers

Vyomo, a mobile app based beauty and wellness platform funded by the famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s venture startup – YouWeCan – will now be a part of Country’s largest offline salon chain, Naturals. Naturals have acquired controlling stake in Vyomo