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Netflix expands the offline viewing option to Windows 10 PCs

By : CIOL Writers

After four months of launching the offline feature on Android and iOS platforms, Netflix has now expanded the feature to PCs also. Yes, now you can download all your Netflix shows on Windows desktop and watch them later. Netflix is

Netflix partners with Airtel, Videocon d2h and Vodafone to increase foothold in India

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to gain a bigger foothold in one of the world’s most lucrative market, global video streaming service Netflix has announced strategic partnerships with Airtel, Videocon d2h and Vodafone in India to offer locally-produced series and films to Indian viewers.

Apple hires Timothy D. Twerdahl to lead Apple TV product marketing

By : CIOL Writers

The Cupertino giant has hired Timothy D. Twerdahl, former head of Amazon’s Fire TV, as Vice President in charge of Apple TV product marketing. Apple confirmed the report to Bloomberg, saying that Twerdahl joined the company earlier this month. With

Google Home now supports Netflix, Domino’s, Quora, CNN and more

By : CIOL Writers

It’s been barely two months since Google unveiled its own brand of home assistant to take on Amazon’s Alexa but looks like, Google is already edging past its rival. Google Home has got a slew of new controls that range

Facebook plans to sponsor original video content

By : CIOL Writers

Over years, video content has become one of the major priorities for all kinds of social networking sites. But none of them has pursued it like Facebook. Adding to its continuous efforts to push video content on its platform, now

Amazon Prime Video launches in India

By : CIOL Writers

Amazon Prime was launched in India this July. Since then, people have been waiting eagerly for the company’s video on demand streaming service, Amazon Prime video that it promised would hit Indian shores soon. And looks like the wait is

Netflix VR app for Google Daydream View launched on the Play store

By : CIOL Writers

For all you Netflix lovers, the company has introduced another dedicated app for users who want to watch its popular series with Google’s Daydream View in an immersive manner. The app named “Netflix VR,” is more or less the same

Google shrinks the size of Android app updates by at least 65pc

By : CIOL Writers

Though most of the updates improve app functionality and user interface, they also eat up a lot of data in the process. And with ever increasing the stream of applications and their updates, many people often choose not to go

Netflix now lets you download videos for offline viewing

By : CIOL Writers

Despite repeatedly stating that it would never allow content downloading on its platform, Netflix is finally allowing its subscribers download some of its TV shows and movies for offline viewing. May be, because, improving the Internet network is not something

Disney and Netflix don’t look good together

By : CIOL Writers

Since the time rumors started doing the rounds about Disney’s possible acquisition of Netflix, the market is abuzz with all kind of theories about possible repercussions of such a takeover. Firstly and largely, it’s going to be a big cultural

Google integrates Cast directly into Chrome browser

By : CIOL Writers

After two years of testing, Google has now integrated its Google Cast capability directly into the Chrome browser broadening its reach and potential as a seamless transit channel for your digital life. This means that now, there is no need

Forget torrents sites, check out these entertainment apps instead

By : CIOL Writers

With the windup of Torrent sites, many movie freaks were disheartened. And the warning by the Indian Government has only put more fire into it. However, don’t lose heart. Here, we bring you some of the legit sources of entertainment,

After Netflix’s Fast.com, Google building its own speed test tool

By : CIOL Writers

We use the internet on a daily basis—at home, at office—and many times we don’t get the speed promised to us in the internet pack. There are plenty of sites that offer free speed test tools, but when Google comes

A second on the internet can make tectonic changes

By : CIOL Writers

Have a smartphone; will tweet and snap, and browse at own will. Smartphones in our pockets has made it so much easier for us to stay connected. Consider this: in the time you will read this one sentence, there will

Netflix sets social media abuzz with a new icon to go alongside its brand

By : CIOL Writers

Netflix has had a makeover, or so it seems. After the streaming media giant updated its social media profile picture on Monday with a minimal icon, with one bold, red, uppercase ‘N’, the Twitter was abuzz with the interpretation that

10 books to know the secrets of tech giants like Google or Apple

I keep reading about Google’s work culture, their employee-friendly policies and often wonder is there a way to join the tech giant in my capacity? But on a serious note, it’s always enriching and worth learning about the internal workings

Molotov: “It’s like TV, but we reinvented it”

By : CIOL Writers

With the astounding growth of technology, we are used to do all kinds of stuff with the tip of our finger – just click or tap. In this smart technology driven world, if you have you have to sit in

Microsoft ups parental leave benefits in the US

MUMBAI, INDIA: It’s raining parental leaves in the IT industry this year. Spearheaded by Flipkart which announced parental leave benefits last month, Netflix too has followed suit. Now a similar announcement comes from none other than the world’s largest software

Netflix to grant unlimited leave to new parents

MUMBAI, INDIA: A month after Flipkart launched an adoption assistance program (AAP) enable and encourages its employees to adopt children, Netflix has announced an unlimited leave policy for new moms and dads that allow them to take off as much