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35pc users in India sell their mobile phones within one year

BANGALORE, INDIA: On an average, at least one new phone gets launched in India every day. So there is no wonder that mobile phone replacement cycle is also shortening as mobile phone makers continue to woo users with new features, better

Mobile phone makers worried over new GST regime

By : CIOL Writers

Mobile phone makers with assembling units in the country are concerned what the final Goods and Services Tax regime holds for them. Their chief apprehension is that under the GST structure, all indirect central and state taxes, including excise duty,

3 Kolkata schools allow mobiles fuelling ‘To use or Not to use’ debate

By : CIOL Writers

A recent decision by three prominent schools in Kolkata to allow students to bring cell phones to school, has ignited a debate over whether children should be allowed to use mobile phones in school or not. Though there are no

Britain passes internet spy bill

By : CIOL Writers

After the US government bypassed Apple Inc’s reservations, to hack into a terrorist’s iPhone, the UK House of Commons has now passed a controversial bill giving spy agencies the authority for bulk surveillance and computer hacking. Many of the surveillance

British Mobile phone users most vulnerable to cyber criminals

By : CIOL Writers

Mobiles phones are much more than a necessity today. They have become an integral part of our lives so much so that they are just taken for granted. Even in these times of increasing cyber threats and hacking, little thought

LONG-CZ Mobile Phone – 18gms, 68mm long, 23mm wide

By : CIOL Writers

What! Seriously! When was it launched? Where is it available? Relax. Read. A mobile phone with super specifications such as 18grams weight, 68mm long and 23mm wide is the new hot pick on many Irish buy and sell websites. The

Are you using the right WiFi?

By : CIOL Writers

Mobile world Congress was an event where any and every person of Telecommunication Industry was there only to make fame but they didn’t know that they will get roasted. In Barcelona, where MWC16 is being held now, many attendees fell

MWC 16: The mobiles launched so far!

By : CIOL Writers

Mobile World Congress has always been the stage for the Telecommunications Industry to create all kind of hype for their flagship. In 2016, MWC is being held in Barcelona where we have already seen surprising launches in the last two days.