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Over half of the Android users still vulnerable to ancient Ghost Push Trojan

By : CIOL Writers

More than two years have passed since the existence of one of the world’s most prolific Android malware – Ghost Push was made public — but millions of devices are still vulnerable. The potent trojan that makes its way onto

Major political and economic events are hot favorites of cyber snoopers!

BANGALORE, INDIA: Significant events, like the World Economic Forum, such as the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos which serve as a hub for important conversations and attract high-profile visitors from all over the world-also attracts malicious cyber-espionage groups and

Is there a Ghost Push on your mobile phone?

By : Sonal Desai

MUMBAI, INDIA: So far, a new malware named Ghost Push has attacked 1.3 million devices globally. Distributed through non-Google app stores, this virus has affected 14,846 types of phone and 3,658 brands. Currently, India has 1,44,199 devices being affected by