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Lessons to be learnt from the McKinsey survey

CIOL Bureau MUMBAI, INDIA: Going by the developments in the last few months, CEOs of large multinational companies in China are facing a herculean task, is a given. But what exactly is ailing these CEOs? In a new report, consultancy

4 immediate impacts of slowdown in payments industry

MUMBAI, INDIA: Even as the payments industry in India has started gathering momentum, a new report by McKinsey, has predicted its slowdown. If this happens, the slowdown would certainly have a long term impact, but the immediate considerations may be

Women of the world, unite!

MUMBAI, INDIA: If all countries made rapid gender equality improvements, women would be able to contribute $12 trillion to the GDP in the next 10 years. According to a new study by McKinsey Global Institute, the contribution is equivalent of