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Here’s why you should update to Apple macOS High Sierra

By : CIOL Writers

A week after launching iOS 11, Apple has released a free update to download macOS High Sierra. The macOS version 10.13 is now rolling out for Mac computing devices. What we love the most about the update is that now

Mac users are the new attractive target for cyber criminals, says researchers

BANGALORE, INDIA: Apple devices are no longer safe against security breaches as new attack opportunities and threat vectors make Macs an easier target now. This is mainly due to the fast growing popularity and user demographics of Apple. In many

PlayStation games coming to PC now

By : CIOL Writers

Sony is bringing the PlayStation Now service to Windows PC, which means subscribers can soon access PlayStation 3 games on their computer screen in the same way they’d watch a Netflix series. Starting with Europe, PS Now is launching in

Chrome apps to say goodbye to Windows, Mac & Linux

By : CIOL Writers

Google will gradually phase out support for Chrome apps on every platform except for Chrome OS. Beginning later this year, new Chrome apps will be available only to Chrome OS users and won’t be accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux