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Judge dismisses Benchmark’s lawsuit against Travis Kalanick

By : CIOL Writers

A judge dismissed investment firm Benchmark’s lawsuit against former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, bringing an end to one of the biggest VC-founder battles. Benchmark was responsible for Kalanick’s ouster from Uber. The venture firm and early investor in Uber filed

Airbnb wins lawsuit against Aimco over unauthorized leases

By : CIOL Writers

A California judge has dismissed Aimco’s (Apartment Investment & Management Company) lawsuit against Airbnb that alleged that the company was deliberately incentivizing people to breach their leases. The company filed lawsuits in California and Florida state courts, seeking monetary damages

Apple wins $120mn in ‘Slide to Unlock’ patent infringement case against Samsung

By : CIOL Writers

Apple has emerged victorious in a patent infringement case over Samsung. The court ordered Samsung to pay $120 million to Apple for its ‘Slide to Unlock’ and other features which Samsung copied and used in its smartphones. In a statement, the

Qualcomm accuses Apple of sharing chip code with Intel

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm has filed a suit against Apple, accusing the Cupertino giant of sharing chip code with Intel, as reported by Bloomberg. Qualcomm said in a lawsuit filed in California state court in San Diego that Apple used its commercial leverage to

Apple sued by a Japanese company over iPhone X Animoji feature

By : CIOL Writers

Ahead of the official release of the iPhone X, Apple is finding itself embroiled in a trademark lawsuit in the US for the usage of the term ‘Animoji’, according to a Reuters report. A Tokyo based company is suing Apple

Yahoo could face a class-action lawsuit over data breaches

By : CIOL Writers

A US court has said that Yahoo must face the lawsuit brought on behalf of over 1 billion users whose personal data and information were compromised in the Yahoo‘s multiple data breaches, as per the Reuters report. The lawsuit concerns two major

Uber desperately needs a saviour as boardroom battle turns ugly

By : CIOL Writers

While Uber is trying hard for redemption from the scandals and controversies of past few months, looks like the rut is only deepening. Just after investor, Benchmark Capital filed a lawsuit against the company’s ousted chief executive, Travis Kalanick alleging

Amazon sued for discrimination against a transgender employee

By : CIOL Writers

Lawsuits are making daily headlines in the Silicon Valley these days. Next in line is Amazon that faces a lawsuit from two former employees accusing the company of “unrelenting discrimination and harassment.” The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF) filed the lawsuit on

Uber investor Benchmark sues ex-CEO Travis Kalanick for fraud

By : CIOL Writers

Venture Capital firm and an early investor in Uber, Benchmark Capital is suing Travis Kalanick in an attempt to force him off the board of the ride hailing firm. Benchmark Capital, which is also one of the Uber’s largest shareholders, filed

Disney sued for spying on children through its apps

By : CIOL Writers

Walt Disney has been secretly collecting personal information of some of their youngest customers and sharing that data illegally with advertisers without parental consent, according to a lawsuit filed in California. The lawsuit targets Disney and three software companies- Upsight,

What’s cooking with Uber and ex-CEO Travis Kalanick?

By : CIOL Writers

It’s been a while that Travis Kalanick resigned from his role as Uber’s CEO. The hunt to find a replacement is still on. But, the real question is why is it taking Uber so long to fill in the space

Twitter users sue Donald Trump for blocking them

By : CIOL Writers

A group of Twitter users have sued Donald Trump and two White House communication aides for violating their constitutional rights by blocking them from Trump’s personal Twitter account after they criticized the President. The case brought forward by the Knight

Vizio files $110M lawsuit against LeEco over failed merger

By : CIOL Writers

US television maker Vizio is suing Chinese electronics company LeEco alleging that LeEco made false financial statements and claims in the run up to its proposed $2 billion acquisition, which ultimately collapsed in April. Apparently, the deal included a $100 million buyer-termination

Alphabet’s Waymo sues Uber and Otto for patent infringement

By : CIOL Writers

It’s the season of legal suits. The latest one to make headlines is the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, Waymo against Uber alleging that parts of Uber’s autonomous driving technology, specifically LiDAR, infringe on patents held

Wass Up Tech: Paying a price, Paying fines

INDIA: Security is changing many things. If announcements made at Cisco Live (yes, the networking giant is

Delhi Woman ends rape accusation lawsuit against Uber

MUMBAI, INDIA: An Indian woman who sued Uber after accusing one of its drivers of raping her