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Kaspersky Labs sues Trump government over banning its software

By : CIOL Writers

Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has sued US Department of Homeland Securities (DHS)arguing that the American government has deprived it of due process rights by banning its software from US government agencies. The company alleged that because the agency essentially blacklisted

Xafecopy: A new malware detected that steals money from users’ phones

By : CIOL Writers

A new malware, named as Xafecopy Trojan is detected in India that steals money from users’ mobile phones, according to a report from Kaspersky Labs. The report said, “Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a mobile malware targeting the WAP(Wireless Application Protocol)

FakeToken: Mobile banking trojan stealing user data from ride-hailing apps

By : CIOL Writers

FakeToken mobile trojan that had hit Android users back in March 2012 as a banking OTP/MSTN stealer disguised as a fake banking token generator and then reappeared as a mobile ransomware in March 2016 is back again and this time

Kaspersky Lab’s awards campaign to spread Internet safety message

By : CIOL Writers

Kaspersky Lab has launched an awards campaign in the Asia-Pacific region. The campaign called Goondus Awards is launched to educate the public and spread awareness about Internet safety. The Goondus Awards campaign is inviting submissions from the public on Internet mistakes

Kaspersky Lab and AVL Software and Functions to work together on automotive cyber security

By : CIOL Writers

As the digital technology is advancing, so are the cyber-threats and attacks.  A similar threat looms large over the automotive industry where an increasing number of vehicle features – such as remote diagnostics, telematics and infotainment – are using communication channels

India was third largest source of spam emails in 2016: Kaspersky

By : CIOL Writers

Sending an alarming reminder to all the e-mail users, Kaspersky has published a report which affirms the growing popularity of spam mails with ransomware. Kaspersky’s Spam and phishing in 2016 report revealed that the fourth quarter of 2016 witnessed an

This hunter of games demands real ransom

MUMBAI, INDIA: Kaspersky Lab has detected curious behavior in a new threat from the TeslaCrypt ransomware encryptor family. Most TeslaCrypt infections occur in the USA, Germany and Spain; followed by Italy, France and United Kingdom. Early samples of TeslaCrypt were detected

Digital amnesia or a startling wake-up call?

MUMBAI, INDIA: While there are numerous surveys propagating the whopping rise in smart phones, a new survey says that extensive use of smart phones and Internet can cause digital amnesia. A survey by Kaspersky Lab has found that over use of