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Bill Gates to lead new cleantech $1bn fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures

By : CIOL Writers

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Vinod Khosla, Jack Ma, Hasso Plattner, John Doerr and 14 other high-profile investors have formed a new venture fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, where they plan on investing over a billion dollars “to provide everyone in the

Profits reign in for third straight quarter for Amazon

By : CIOL Writers

Amazon has come a long way from its ill-reputed tag of being a money-loser and has delivered a stellar performance for the third straight quarter. Amazon reported excellent quarter earnings with $30.4 billion revenues and $1.78 EPS, against analysts’expectations of

Amazon takes over Flipkart?

By : CIOL Writers

In a mighty bid against the outreaching sovereignty for the Internet shopper’s paradise, an Arabic prince’s wealth has completely begotten the reach of Flipkart from the outside scenario by bidding all of his Lamborghini’s for the stock equivalent of Amazon.