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Apple iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature said to be better than what we know

By : CIOL Writers

By now, we know that Apple will, in all probability, introduce facial recognition feature in its next iteration of iPhone that could be called iPhone 8 (may be). But what we don’t know is that Apple’s facial scanner could be much more

GST effect: Apple products’ prices drop

By : CIOL Writers

Apple has slashed the prices of its various products, including iPhone, iPad and Mac, in India from July 1st, as it looks to pass on the benefits accrued from the recently rolled out GST to customers. In the post-GST roll

Indians love iPhones but within their budgets

By : CIOL Writers

Who doesn’t love Apple? The iPhone maker has changed the way people look at phones across the globe. Indians are no different to this global rage but then Indians aren’t big spendthrifts and Apple happens to be the most expensive

Apple overtakes Micromax to become second-largest smartphone maker in India

By : CIOL Writers

By overtaking India’s homegrown smartphone brand Micromax, Apple India has become the country’s second-largest smartphone maker by revenue in the fiscal year to March 2016. Apple’s revenues from smartphone sales grew by 54 percent in FY16 to Rs 9,997.1 crore

All you need to rob an Apple Store is a blue t-shirt

By : CIOL Writers

Breaking into an iPhone might be next to impossible but breaking into an Apple store and getting away 19 iPhone richer is perhaps much easier than one could imagine. Seems like, with all the security personnel and cameras, all you

Apple offering Rs 34,000 discount on latest iPhones

MUMBAI, INDIA: It’s not even a month, and Apple has announced discount to the tune of Rs 34,000 on its latest iPhones. The consumer giant has initiated a buyback offer on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, priced at Rs 62,000-Rs

Apple faces $862 million payout suit

MUMBAI, INDIA: Consumer giant Apple which created ripples globally with the launch of its latest iPhones, may have to shell-out $862.4 million toward patent infringement. Apple is alleged to have used patented technology developed by a Wisconsin university team including

India leads the way in iPhone sales growth

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple has had a record run for its iPhone sales in India. None other than Timothy Cook, CEO, Apple, has acknowledged that the company clocked 93 percent growth in sales of iPhones in India, followed by 87 percent