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Saying yes to Industry 4.0? That’s a nod for 5.0 too

Thomas George With all the hype and hoo-hah gathering heat with every next day and report,

Automotive OEMs and the app-pedal

Shrikant Salke Automotive consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy and have started using mobile applications for each

A third of all completed IoT projects are not considered success: Cisco survey

By : CIOL Writers

While IDC predicts that the worldwide installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints will grow from 14.9 billion at the end of 2016 to more than 82 billion in 2025, a new study by Cisco reveals that 60 percent of IoT initiatives

Enterprise Architecture to unlock the Transformational Potential of IoT

Mike J. Walker The idea of modeling the larger number of common things — cars, buildings and consumer products — from virtual models, with functional behavior embedded to make day-to-day decisions about the physical world,world is emerging. With the diversity

NASSCOM and ITAC Japan sign MoU to boost IoT ecosystem in India

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to boost digital technology and develop the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in India, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the IoT Acceleration Consortium (ITAC) Japan. K.S.

50pc of organizations in the US & Europe lag in IoT adoption: HCL study

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a ‘goldmine’ of opportunities and possibilities. And companies, which include many tech giants, are taking advantage of this insight. However, half of the organisations in the US and Europe are still lagging behind in

Mozilla is shutting down the Firefox-powered connected device project, laying off 50 employees

By : CIOL Writers

After sterile efforts to bring the Firefox operating system to “connected devices”, the non-profit organisation Mozilla is shutting down the initiative and is also laying off its team of 50 employees. Firefox OS was a mobile OS created to bring

Cisco, Bosch, and others to develop blockchain protocol to secure IoT applications

By : CIOL Writers

Though the Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically transforming everything from homes to factories, by making them smart and more efficient, it also poses several challenges including identifying, connecting, securing, and managing the devices. Hence, Cisco, Bosch, and several other

Buzzwords for tech in 2017: Serverless Computing, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and AI

By : Riddhi Sharma

The speed with which technology is moving is hard to keep up with. Everyday we encounter a new invention or an incredible update. Amidst all this we do come across certain key phrases that are either new or unknown. We

Google launches Android Things enabling developers with all-in-one platform to build IoT devices

By : CIOL Writers

Google is rebranding Project Brillo, Google’s Android-based Internet of Things initiative with “Android Things,” a platform for developing applications and services based upon Internet of Things. The tech behemoth has launched a developer preview of Android Things, which will run

Insecurity of Things

Atul Anchan The Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with an ever-expanding convenience, inter-connecting nearly every aspect of our daily lives. By 2020, Gartner estimates there will be nearly 21 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide. Hence, it

Former HCL Tech CEO Anant Gupta launches Rs 100cr fund to support startups

By : CIOL Writers

Following on the heels of the appointment of new CEO at HCL Technologies come another piece of news about its ex-CEO Anant Gupta. Gupta who had stepped down from his post to pursue personal ambitions on Friday announced the launch

The connected home: Why CIOs should care about it?

Nick Jones UK: In the connected home, a garden watering system might monitor and irrigate plants and be connected to and controlled by a smartphone app. In a more complex system, the watering system would be connected to the water

SAP announces €2 billion investment plan for IoT

By : CIOL Writers

SAP has announced investment plans of €2 billion over the next five years to help businesses and government organizations benefit from the proliferation and adoption of sensors, smart devices and Big Data that are transforming businesses with the Internet of

Only 22.5pc Indian consumers are aware of the concept of IoT

By : CIOL Writers

In the IoT landscape, globally 20.8 billion connected things will be in use by 2020, with an astounding 1 million devices coming online each hour. However, in India, merely 22.5 percent of the consumers are familiar of the concept of Internet

A Road Less Taken: Cyber Security and Connected Cars

Shrikant Shitole INDIA: Connected Cars- what once seemed niche, far-fetched, even futuristic is now central to the immediate roadmap of almost every automotive manufacturer in the world. In reality, connected cars are not all that new: telemetry, sensors, even performance

IoT Start-up Awards 2016 opens nominations for young cos

By : CIOL Writers

BANGALORE, INDIA: IoT India Congress, a first of its kind platform in India for the IoT enthusiasts, has announced the call for nominations for its inaugural IoT Start-up Awards 2016. The award aims to reward and celebrate breakthrough innovations in

Call-Drops: Revenge of the Grandpa

Pratima H BANGALORE, INDIA: For a change, senior citizens of our tech-invaded world are having the last laugh. For all those times, when the young, cellphone generation teased them on how they used to shout during a trunk call; there

India’s first IoT centre starts in Bangalore

By : CIOL Writers

India’s first center for excellence in Internet of Things (IoT)—where sensors in devices talk to each other and share data using the internet—has been launched in Bengaluru, with five startups, including The startups Wireless Controls, Uncanny Vision, LightMetrics, ThingsCloud and

91 pc of world’s airlines aim at investing in cyber security

By : CIOL Writers

With ever increasing airlines adopting Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security is an obvious concern for the sector. According to travel technology provider SITA, a majority of the world’s top airlines aim at investing in cyber security initiatives in the