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Over 70pc of India’s ATMs vulnerable to hacking

By : CIOL Writers

Amidst an ever increasing push for the digital economy and growing number of cyber-attacks, the Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley has revealed in the Parliament that 70 percent of the total number of ATMs in the country are vulnerable

Cyber-criminals can hack into your Visa credit card in mere 6 seconds

By : CIOL Writers

All the Visa card holders, time to get cautious as hackers can guess your Visa credit card’s number, expiry date and CVV number within few seconds, says a new a research study conducted by Newcastle University. The trick, described in

Twitter accidentally suspends Jack Dorsey’s account

By : CIOL Writers

Charity begins at home. It cannot be more true for Twitter and its experiments/initiatives. Recently, Twitter updated its abuse policy wherein any user found being abusive gets blocked or suspended by the site. Within a few days, surprisingly, Twitter suspended

Porn website Brazzers hacked, 8 lakh user account details dumped online

By : CIOL Writers

With ever-increasing digitization and people living a digital life on the web, cyber-security has become a pressing concern for all of us and yet we are failing at it more than ever. In another huge data breach in the form

The Ab-Crack of Cyber-Security

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: It may have taken decades for the six/eight-pack-winds to wipe away pot

Government prepared for cyber attack, foils hacking attempt

By : CIOL Writers

Company’s core systems and accounts are not the only things that are prone to hacking; the

Hack into a Facebook account with a fake passport!

By : CIOL Writers

Aaron Thompson is a Facebook user who has exposed an online thief that gained access to

VerticalScope’s mega hack

By : CIOL Writers

Hacking seems to be the latest fashion these days. Hacks affecting lakhs of people are now

ISIS Twitter accounts get LGBT makeover by hackers

By : CIOL Writers

The loose hacking collective Anonymous has launched another wave of attacks against Islamic State (ISIS), taking

High-level Indian bureaucrats may have been attacked by Chinese hackers

By : CIOL Writers

The lurking threat of China has made the Indian government uneasy for decades, and more so

UK teclo hacked; hackers walk away with 4 million customer data

MUMBAI, INDIA: Hackers have reportedly breached the server security of a UK-based large telco and have

India no longer a soft state; hackers strike back

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a befitting tit for tat reply to the hackers who have been defacing

Hackers stole Ashley Madison data, but no one was watching!

MUMBAI, INDIA: Skeletons are tumbling out of Ashley Madison’s cupboard. Hackers who stole sensitive data of