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When is it ok to fail?

Sholom Weglein With a history going back to 2008, DevOps has been around for a while.

ALM, DevOps, and Transformation: Piecing the Puzzle Together

Jaikrishnan K Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps are essential for any company providing software development

DevOps and Speed-breakers

SANTA CLARA, USA: Company culture (14 per cent); challenges of testing automation (13 per cent); legacy systems

DevOps would be beyond Dev and Ops this year

MUMBAI, INDIA: Rapidly promoting new code into production fuels the need for speed, but this can

Are Indian developers ready to use PaaS?

Anil Chopra App developers are critical not only for e-commerce firms but also for traditional industries like retail, healthcare, BFSI and telecom. They are the prime movers for business, as companies focus on Apps to connect with their consumers via

Indian CEOs lead in adoption of digital initiatives in application economy

MUMBAI, INDIA: India has the highest percentage globally where the top executive is driving digital initiatives. Indian CEOs or main board at 33 percent, vis-à-vis the global average of 24 percent and APJ average of 22 percent, respectively, are leading

From Accessory to Necessary- How Software Evolved

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: Just a few years back it would have been either redundant or amusing to talk of APIs, application economy, Ops, services and DIY IT teams to any OPD major around. But the earth does revolve every

New technology, strategic investments drive growth for HCL Technologies

NOIDA, INDIA: HCL Technologies grew 12.6 percent YoY in FY2015-16 and clocked revenues of Rs 37,061 crore; net income rose 13.9 percent to Rs 7,254 crore. HCL signed 58 transformational engagements during the fiscal with $5 billion of total contract

CA Technologies help companies to connect development and operations (DevOps)

NEW DELHI, INDIA: CA Technologies has announced a new solution in India that will help domestic enterprises connect their application development and operations team to work in a collaborative manner. The company is targetting clients in retail/e-commerce, banking and financial services

ActiveState and Wipro partner to deliver private PaaS for agile enterprises

BANGALORE, INDIA: Wipro Ltd. and ActiveState today announced a partnership to deliver cloud technologies and services to enterprises. ActiveState is the creator of Stackato Private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), an independent distribution of the Cloud Foundry open source project. This partnership brings together

DevOps and Infra ops, the connect matters

MUMBAI, INDIA: Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders planning a bimodal IT strategy will miss out on the benefits of DevOps support for agile practices unless they transform their I&O culture, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that the implementation of

The changing role of developers

MUMBAI, INDIA: The world is undergoing an Application Economy revolution due to the increasing number of interactions taking place in the digital world aided by applications. Application success is not limited to only writing application code. It’s about making sure

MWC brings CA Technologies, Tech Mahindra closer

SPAIN: CA Technologies and Tech Mahindra Ltd. have announced they have entered an agreement to develop and deploy end-to-end secured Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for enterprise customers worldwide. The agreement will leverage solutions from the CA DevOps portfolio including CA

From 18 pc to 25 pc, security to cut more slice of CIO’s wallet and mind too

INDIA: Improving the mobile customer experience is coming up as a top security priority (42 per cent), second only to protecting against data breach (56 per cent). In addition, 49 per cent of respondents say mobility has a big or

Revenue uptick, T2M and customer exp pushing DevOps as much as App Perf

INDIA: DevOps has been creating a lot of buzz in the recent IT past and here’s a glimpse of how Asia-Pacific side of the globe in particular, is anchoring this new trend. To measure the success of their DevOps implementation,