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Data and Banks: What works -Dams or Bottles?

Pratima H INDIA: What will happen to Fast-and-Furious sequels? Where would that hard-earned driving license go?

Yahoo launches two new features on its mail app

By : CIOL Writers

Despite various data breaches, delayed acquisition and a plethora of other difficulties facing Yahoo, the company is still trying to make it to the users by launching new features. Yahoo is rolling out new features on its Yahoo Mail app:

McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia gets the digital sauce

PUNE, INDIA: Riyadh International Catering Corporation (RICC) has selected Cognizant as a strategic partner to enable McDonald’s restaurant chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to become a digital enterprise, transforming customer experience and service agility. RICC, which owns and

Rebooting from a Cyber-Punch: Easy, Messy, Gory?

Pratima H INDIA: Allergies are the most neglected gifts bestowed to humanity. Because people would rather royally turn a blind eye and handkerchief to the small signs that forewarn. They dismiss that sneeze, they brush away those slight stirrings of

How Pokémon Go captured the focus back on Data

Manish Choudhary Pokémon Go is undoubtedly an augmented reality phenomenon. As the most popular mobile game in history, it has left Twitter in the dust after attracting more users in just three days than the social media giant had attained

Data Encryption: Critical for All Businesses?

INDIA: Technology has certainly made our day-to-day lives much simpler. From the most mundane tasks like ordering groceries to performing complex surgeries, technology-enabled systems play a role in almost every sphere of our life. In fact, smart devices have become such

The White House is using data analytics to cut jail population

By : CIOL Writers

The White House has announced a new initiative that employs data analytics to help communities like San Francisco and Oakland reduce the local jail population. The Data-Driven Justice program is a coalition of 67 city, county, and state governments that

5 things to look for when looking for Intelligent Backup

Ramesh Mamgain INDIA: Data loss and breaches are a real and frequent threat – now more than ever. In an age where information is considered the lifeblood of an organization, businesses are increasingly focusing on protecting information and ensuring its

Clinical trials get a new tech-try at Biogen

NEW JERSEY, USA: Biogen has selected Cognizant’s SmartTrials platform to aggregate and store clinical trial operational and patient data, as an announcement informs. Cognizant explains that the SmartTrials platform provides real-time risk assessment and global clinical trial oversight to help

Fish, Diapers, Grapes and Data: The RedMart connect

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H SINGAPORE: It is a Singapore–based online grocery marketplace. But there’s more to it beyond the simple nameplate of ‘just another online grocer’. It is young, offers on-time guarantees, intends to deliver fresh goods in the trickiest of sun-kissed

Ad blocking for Data Hungry Ads

By : CIOL Writers

Ad blockers are spreading like fire and going by the projections made by Mobile marketing company Tune, ad blocking might reach 80 percent of smartphone owners by the third quarter of 2017. The survey that was released in the first

If you are a business using customer data, stay alert

NEW YORK, USA: A new report from Accenture warns that businesses’ use of personal data from consumers is at risk. The report, “Guarding and Growing Personal Data Value,” acknowledges the benefits of using personal data to support innovation in customer

How will the EU ruling on data flow impact India?

MUMBAI, INDIA: The landmark judgement from the European Court of Justice declaring invalid, the Safe Harbor Framework that has streamlined the transfer of personal data from Europe to the US since 2000, has received mixed response from the Indian diaspora.

Data stealing malware targets India in Q2 2015

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The second quarter of 2015 was wrought with high profile vulnerabilities and hacks. India emerged as the top targeted nation by data-stealing malware to hijack business transactions and steal information from small and medium sized businesses. Each

97pc cos increased revenues with access to customer data

BANGALORE, INDIA: Greater access to data, frequent use of analytic tools, and the adoption of data at higher levels of the organization lead to better sales performance, according to the findings of a global study released today by the Economist

“EMC is evolving from a storage co. to a data and services co.”

By : Rashi V

Data Lake is the vehicle that starts to build a solution stack where EMC components are leveraged along with insights on what is going on in the open source industry and what other players are doing with respect to SAS

How NetApp enables Sauber F1 Team to boost performance

NEW DELHI, INDIA: NetApp and the Sauber F1 Team have extended their partnership after three-year collaboration as a technical partner. In 2007 the Sauber F1 team and NetApp started working together, building up their partnership in early 2012 when NetApp

India still lacks formal data management strategy

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Commvault has announced findings from a new IDC survey and whitepaper which suggest that data silos within organizations in India are limiting the ability to make insight-based decisions. The lack of formal strategy in data management is

Seagate brings hybrid cloud data protection solutions

BANGALORE, INDIA: Seagate Technology plc, has announced new and updated Hybrid Cloud Data Protection solutions that enable customers to manage explosive data growth and increasingly complex security needs easily and cost effectively. The new and updated hybrid cloud solutions in

After the split, what has Veritas been planning?

By : Sanghamitra Kar

Sanghamitra BANGALORE, INDIA: Veritas, the information management business of Symantec contributed $2.5 billion in Symantec’s revenue in the fiscal year of 2014. As a separate independent entity, Veritas is expected to accelerate its performance and revenue numbers providing enhanced next generation solutions