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Networks and Visibility, a rising security concern

BANGALORE, INDIA: If we go by highlights of a new study, Visibility can be key to breach

Rising cyber-attacks demand organizations to be on ‘high alert’ always

Kartik Shinde While some of the country’s premier banks are reeling under the recent cyber-attacks, in one of the financial sector’s biggest data breaches, it’s time for the Indian banking ecosystem to pause and realize the significance of implementing proper

Fortinet outlines 3 key strategies to secure enterprises

Fortinet at its annual Security Conference for Indian CIOs in Moscow has emphasized that the best way to secure complicated networked environments was simplicity and recommended the  three important strategies for securing evolving environments. Joe Sarno, Vice President, International Emerging,

Microsoft launches Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Delhi

NEW DELHI, INDIA: After running pilot for one year, Microsoft India launched its first full-scale Cybersecurity Engagement Center (CSEC) in Delhi. This is the company’s seventh Cybersecurity Center in the world and will function as a satellite to the company’s Redmond Digital Crimes

Older users more vulnerable to cyber criminals

By : CIOL Writers

Kaspersky recently conducted a study on online behavior of the users above 55 years of age and found some worrying trends. The research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International that questioned 12,546 Internet users across the globe, suggests that the

Data Encryption: Critical for All Businesses?

INDIA: Technology has certainly made our day-to-day lives much simpler. From the most mundane tasks like ordering groceries to performing complex surgeries, technology-enabled systems play a role in almost every sphere of our life. In fact, smart devices have become such

The Ab-Crack of Cyber-Security

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: It may have taken decades for the six/eight-pack-winds to wipe away pot bellies altogether. But who knew something could dislocate these fitness epitomes too, and hey, so soon? This is where you would not be wrong

Telecom industry ‘top target’ for cyber-attacks using insiders

By : CIOL Writers

Cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting employees, in efforts to launch cyber attacks against businesses. Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab and B2B International have found that the telecommunications industry is particularly vulnerable to such threats and is a “top target” for cyber-attacks.

#BeCyberSafe – We protect, detect & respond: Meenu Chandra, Microsoft

Cyber security space is becoming more complex every day making people and organizations more vulnerable to cyber threats. Meenu Chandra –Senior Attorney, Lead, Digital Crimes Unit of Microsoft India spoke on how the and how Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit(DCU) has

Government prepared for cyber attack, foils hacking attempt

By : CIOL Writers

Company’s core systems and accounts are not the only things that are prone to hacking; the complete government system is also facing the threat of cyber security. According to Kaspersky Lab’s IT Security Risks 2016 survey, nearly 42% of SMBs

Instagram’s new picture: Adult Dating Spam?

INDIA: Scammers are hacking Instagram accounts and altering profiles with sexually suggestive imagery to lure users to adult dating and porn spam. Symantec Research had revealed some traits based on what it gathered when it first noticed these hacked Instagram

Looking for dieting help? Beware of cyber-fat

INDIA: When it comes to the desire for the ideal body, people may be willing to sacrifice their online security and identity if it takes them a step closer to achieving desired results. Many people seem to be willing to share