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Centre to offer grants to bring newer cybersecurity solutions

By : CIOL Writers

The Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that to encourage the development of newer technologies in the field of cybersecurity, the Centre has decided to offer grants to startups. The grants will be up to Rs 5

Anyone can track your location using $1000 worth of mobile ads: Report

By : CIOL Writers

How would you feel if you got to know that someone is constantly tracking your location by showing mobile ads? Wierd right. A new report has emerged that says anybody can track anyone’s location using $1000 worth of mobile ads. The

Google launches new security features for Chrome

By : CIOL Writers

Since October is celebrated as CyberSecurity Awareness Month, Google is celebrating the Awareness Month by announcing two new security protections. The company has announced an upgrade to its Security Checkup and a new phishing protection for Chrome. Security Checkup presents

The most costly cyber security breaches result from third-party failures

While more companies are investing in cyber security regardless of ROI (63% in 2017 compared to 56% in 2016), a new study from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has found that the average cost of a cyber security incident is

Aruba brings analytics-driven, advanced cyber protection with 360 Secure Fabric

BANGALORE, INDIA: Aruba announced the 360 Secure Fabric, a security framework that provides 360 degrees of analytics-driven attack detection and response to help organizations reduce risk in today’s changing threat landscape. To help organizations address new and unknown threats, the

Indian government issues alert over ‘Locky ransomware’

By : CIOL Writers

2017 may well go down in history as the year of ‘ransomware-attacks’. After WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya, Mamba etc, we have ‘Locky’ ransomware that’s spreading fast amogst Indian users. State-run Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT-in) has issued an advisory on the spreading of

China forces Internet companies to end online anonymity

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese authorities, known for their strict censorship is at it once again. According to the new rules by China’s main internet server, netizens who want to post online comments have to register with their real names. They can still use pseudonyms,

Game Of Thrones spoilers being used to spread malware

By : CIOL Writers

While Game Of Thrones’ finale leak fears have been lurking around since last Friday, when HBO hackers – Mr Smith, revealed that they sold over 5 TB of HBO’s data to three customers in the deep web market (an underground online market inside

Ukraine cyber security firm warns of new cyber-attacks

By : CIOL Writers

Ukraine cyber security firm ISSP is warning of possible cyber-attacks after detecting a new computer virus distribution like the one witnessed during WannaCry ransomware that knocked out global systems in June, reports Reuters. ISSP said that the new malware originated from the

FakeToken: Mobile banking trojan stealing user data from ride-hailing apps

By : CIOL Writers

FakeToken mobile trojan that had hit Android users back in March 2012 as a banking OTP/MSTN stealer disguised as a fake banking token generator and then reappeared as a mobile ransomware in March 2016 is back again and this time

Russian hackers targeting Indian hospitality industry for user data

By : CIOL Writers

A Russian hacking group “APT28” also known as Fancy Bear is targeting Indian hospitality industry to steal user data through unsecured Wi-Fi at the hotels, according to a report from cyber-security company, FireEye. APT28 has already attacked travelers in hotels throughout Europe

HBO hackers demand multi-million ransom for Game of Thrones scripts

By : CIOL Writers

HBO hackers posted a fresh cache of stolen HBO files online on Monday demanding millions of dollars in ransom from the network to prevent the release of entire television series and other sensitive proprietary files, according to the Associated Press. In a five-minute video

WannaCry security researcher arrested for alleged role in Kronos malware spread

By : CIOL Writers

Marcus Hutchins, the British security researcher who helped in stopping the WannaCry outbreak by discovering a hidden “kill switch” for the malware has been arrested by the FBI for his alleged role in distributing another banking malware known as Kronos. Hutchins,

HBO hacked; Game of Thrones’ script leaked online

By : CIOL Writers

Hollywood seems to be the top target for hackers these days with HBO being its latest casualty. According to Entertainment Weekly, an upcoming Game of Thrones script and two unreleased episodes of Ballers and Room 104 have been leaked online after a security breach at HBO

Reliance Jio data breach- Is it India’s biggest data breach ever?

By : CIOL Writers

In what could be India’s biggest data breach ever, a website named Magicapk.com has surfaced online with personal information details of Reliance Jio customers.While the site has now been suspended, the telco which has over 120 million users in India, said

Networks and Visibility, a rising security concern

BANGALORE, INDIA: If we go by highlights of a new study, Visibility can be key to breach

Rising cyber-attacks demand organizations to be on ‘high alert’ always

Kartik Shinde While some of the country’s premier banks are reeling under the recent cyber-attacks, in

Fortinet outlines 3 key strategies to secure enterprises

Fortinet at its annual Security Conference for Indian CIOs in Moscow has emphasized that the best

Microsoft launches Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Delhi

NEW DELHI, INDIA: After running pilot for one year, Microsoft India launched its first full-scale Cybersecurity Engagement

Older users more vulnerable to cyber criminals

By : CIOL Writers

Kaspersky recently conducted a study on online behavior of the users above 55 years of age