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From Schwarzenegger to Trump: IT stays a Thriller

Pratima H INDIA: When the world of technology resembles a Cheyenne Mountain, you can’t blame it

How much of IT budget should be spent on IT security?

IT Key Metrics Data from Gartner shows that the organizations spend an average of 5.6 percent of the overall IT budget on IT security and risk management, However, IT security spending ranges from approximately 1-13 percent of the IT budget.

Indian cos’ security initiatives still lag behind

BANGALORE, INDIA: CISO Platform has launched a report on the IT Security maturity of the industry, based on data from 400+ organizations.Small and Medium sized organizations are not included in the sample. Key insights from the report India vs. Globe

What should a CISO bear in mind before allowing Windows 10 upgrade emails?

By : Sonal Desai

MUMBAI, INDIA: Ever since Microsoft launched Windows 10 on July 29, users have been bombarded with emails for free upgrade. But are all these mails genuine? A new blog post by Nick Biasini, Outreach Engineer with contributions from Craig Williams,

Looking at enterprise security through a different lens..

Soma Tah Security has been considered a top hindrance for businesses so far, and the CISOs, who are responsible for laying out the security strategy of the organization are often looked upon as control freaks. You could call it occupational

Why SIEM is essential for a successful security strategy

Vinod Kumar Despite the proliferation of enterprise log management and event monitoring solutions, the overall state of information security has not measurably improved after incidents and audits. According to Gartner, the consumer security software market has actually shown a decline

42pc of Indian cyber attacks are by foreign Govts

BANGALORE, INDIA: A report to guide CIOs and CISOs to understand the paradigm shift taking place in the web application security domain has been published by Indusface. Here are some of the key India-centric facts: 91% of the websites that

Targeted attacks – the threat keeps rising

INDIA: A new survey has pointed that security professionals are inundated with security incidents, averaging 78 investigations per organization in the last year, with 28 per cent of those incidents involving targeted attacks – one of the most dangerous and

CISOs will be seen in more influential roles

BANGALORE, INDIA: More than 80 percent of security leaders believe the challenge posed by external threats is on the rise, while 60 percent already agree their organizations are outgunned in the cyber war, according to IBM’s third annual 2014 Chief

Five enterprise security monsters in a CISO’s closet

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: Dell announced the findings of a global security survey of leading public and private sector security decision-makers, in a bid to gauge their awareness of, and preparedness for the new wave of threats plaguing IT security. The key