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Machine over man: AI could turn some skilled practices into utilities soon

MUMBAI, INDIA: Gartner predicts that by 2022, smart machines and robots may replace highly trained professionals in tasks within medicine, law and IT. There are also high chances of many tasks performed by professionals today becoming low-cost utilities, thanks to

IT is the top business priority of CEOs; 42pc embarked on digital transformation journey

BANGALORE, INDIA: An unsettled global political environment has not shifted CEOs’ focus on profits and growth in 2017. While growth is the No. 1 business priority for 58 percent of CEOs, according to a recent survey of 388 CEOs by

From Schwarzenegger to Trump: IT stays a Thriller

Pratima H INDIA: When the world of technology resembles a Cheyenne Mountain, you can’t blame it

Govt and BFSI IT heads keen to up the security budget by 25pc next year

BANGALORE, INDIA: IT security is now a major concern and has gone up the business priorities

Digital Economics: Unlock Digital Business Value

Saul Judah Digital business is leading CIOs, chief data officers and data and analytic leaders to

Good Cops, Bad Cops, Schizos – CIOs are not just Suits anymore

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: CIOs are strange creatures and if they were sitting in a school

Dear CIOs, Forget Commands. Choose Conversations.

Lily Mok INDIA: It’s official. As the CIO of Big SoftWare Company, you understand the importance of

C-suite and IT-suite don’t seem to agree too much on cyber-threats

MUMBAI, INDIA: Indian businesses are under increasing risk from serious cyber-attacks, with a third (33 per cent)

The CIO’s Guide to Blockchain

Ray Valdes If you’re a CIO, blockchain probably crossed your radar screen a few years ago

US CIOs are both excited and concerned about Cloud

BENGALURU, INDIA: The following are some of the factors that IT and business executives cite as

Public Sector CIOs and Change: Not Strangers Anymore

Bard Papegaaij INDIA: Leading successful change has challenged government CIOs for decades, even more so today

CIOs, is IT Cost Optimization your headache? Here are Top 10 Ideas

INDIA: Jim McGittigan It’s the year that your company’s customer self-service portal project is finally set

Cloud: Decoding the real from surreal

Piyush Somani The key highlights of 2015 were CIOs adopting a ‘Cloud First’ approach and making

Bye Bye 2015: CMOs, CFOs joining CIOs in digital leaps

BANGALORE, INDIA: According to Adrian De Luca, chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems AsiaPacific, enterprises

A CIO’s guide to ride the digital wave

BANGALORE, INDIA: The IT industry is being driven by digital business, and an environment driven by

Is the Vodafone CIO joining GE?

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Vodafone India CIO, Anthony Thomas is reportedly joining General Electric (GE) as the

India still lacks formal data management strategy

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Commvault has announced findings from a new IDC survey and whitepaper which suggest

Why SIEM is essential for a successful security strategy

Vinod Kumar Despite the proliferation of enterprise log management and event monitoring solutions, the overall state

Warning – innovation ahead!

Vivekanand Venugopal FOR many organisations, innovation is a major driver – if not THE driver –

We know women love shopping, but in IT too?

MUMBAI, INDIA: A new survey points out that while a significant majority of CIOs of both