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China opens first ‘cyber court’ for Internet-related disputes

By : CIOL Writers

Amidst a steep rise in the number of Internet-related disputes, China has launched its first cyber court in Hangzhou, also called the ‘capital of Chinese e-commerce.’ The court will exclusively deal with e-commerce and Internet-related cases including contract disputes arising from

Facebook covertly launches a mobile app in China

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook, which has largely been banned in China since 2009, has found a way to sneak in the country. The social networking company has quietly launched an app called Colorful Balloons that behaves very much like company’s own Moments, according to a report by

Apple bans VPN apps on the App Store in China, Russia follows suit

By : CIOL Writers

Apple is removing virtual private networks (VPN) services from its App Store in China. VPN service allows users to bypass China’s so-called “Great Firewall” aimed at restricting access to overseas sites. The move was first noted by ExpressVPN, a provider based outside of

Chinese smartphone brand ‘Comio’ is all set to foray in Indian market

By : CIOL Writers

India is one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. Driven by increasing data consumption and falling data prices, a huge number of feature phone users are also migrating to smartphones and are seeking affordable devices. It

LeEco founder Jia Yeuting resigns amid financial crisis, promises to repay debts

By : CIOL Writers

The founder of China’s debt-ridden LeEco, Jia Yeuting resigned from his post as the chairman of the company just hours after making a public plea for patience amid a financial crisis at the company. Before the resignation announcement, Jia had pledged

China’s elevated bus seen straddling over traffic was probably a scam

By : CIOL Writers

Last year, the internet was abuzz with the news of a gigantic, elevated bus in China that glides above the traffic circulating around. The elevated bus running over 300 meters of track along a major roadway was touted to be the

Ban-zoned Facebook reportedly trying to get back in China

By : CIOL Writers

We all are well-aware of the banning culture of China. Just to update you, recently China government banned time travel movies and shows also. Well, amongst many banned companies and brands, Facebook is also one name that was banned way

Apple to open its second R&D centre in China

By : CIOL Writers

After announcing the launch of its first research and development centre in Beijing, Apple has come up with yet another announcement to open its second research and development centre in China in the southern city of Shenzhen. In an attempt

What makes APAC Fintech take a lead over North America and Europe?

HONG KONG: Investments in Asia-Pacific financial technology (fintech) ventures, primarily in China, reached $9.62 billion as

China builds an elevated bus that travels above traffic

By : CIOL Writers

This is phenomenal. Remember those random videos on YouTube or Facebook showing that Chinese train/bus hybrid

Emerging markets, including India to drive e-payments: PwC

By : CIOL Writers

With electronic payments witnessing a boom combined with emerging new market players and alternative business models,

UNCTAD program to help developing nations’ e-commerce market

By : CIOL Writers

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has launched a new initiative to help

Foxconn to make India a key global manufacturing hub

By : CIOL Writers

Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronic contract manufacturer which makes iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products would begin

Internet access is a basic human right: UN Resolution

By : CIOL Writers

Next time, if you feel some kind of hesitation (fearing censoring or censuring) before expressing yourself

China bans using social media content as “news”

By : CIOL Writers

Just a week after China’s internet censorship chief Lu Wei stepped down, the internet regulator has

Head of China’s top internet regulator Lu Wei quits

By : CIOL Writers

Head of China’s top internet regulator Lu Wei, who brought in a severe curtailing of internet

China tightens the noose around search engines

By : CIOL Writers

China’s internet regulator, which already exercises widespread control over the web, has asked search engines to

World’s top supercomputer this time is…

By : Pratima Harigunani

FRANKFURT, GERMANY: It’s Sunway TaihuLight from China again. Yes, it has been ranked officially as the fastest

High-level Indian bureaucrats may have been attacked by Chinese hackers

By : CIOL Writers

The lurking threat of China has made the Indian government uneasy for decades, and more so

Lenovo set to launch Z1 on May 10

By : CIOL Writers

Lenovo, a Chinese multinational technology company, announced the latest invention, Lenovo Z1, which is powered by