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IT is the top business priority of CEOs; 42pc embarked on digital transformation journey

BANGALORE, INDIA: An unsettled global political environment has not shifted CEOs’ focus on profits and growth in 2017. While growth is the No. 1 business priority for 58 percent of CEOs, according to a recent survey of 388 CEOs by

Flipkart’s 10th anniversary special: Be the CEO for a day

By : CIOL Writers

India’s largest online retailer Flipkart is running a unique competition to enable an employee to become the CEO for a day. According to The Times of India report, the exercise is part of the company’s 10th-anniversary celebrations to familiarise employees with the challenges at

‘Transformer CEOs’ to capture journey of successful digital leaders

By : CIOL Writers

Another first-of-its-kind reality show is here- ‘Transformer CEOs’- that will be showcasing interviews of leading CEOs uncovering their key elements and attributes that transformed them and their organizations. Robert Reiss, CEO and Host of The CEO Show and Mphasis Chief

C-suite and IT-suite don’t seem to agree too much on cyber-threats

MUMBAI, INDIA: Indian businesses are under increasing risk from serious cyber-attacks, with a third (33 per cent)

Highest-Paid Tech CEOs In The US

By : CIOL Writers

Standing at the helm of biggest tech companies of the world isn’t easy. But then their

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earned $4.3 million as cash bonus

MUMBAI, INDIA: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, is reaping not only accolades but also cash rewards for

Did pregnancy save Marissa Mayer’s job at Yahoo?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Did pregnancy save Marissa Mayer’s job as Yahoo CEO? According to Scott Galloway, Professor, Marketing,

Padmasree Warrior in race for Twitter CEO post

MUMBAI, INDIA: Will Padmasree Warrior, former CTO, Cisco Systems, be the new CEO at Twitter? Well,

CEOs walk the extra mile

BANGALORE, INDIA: It’s not very often that you see the otherwise busy CEOs indulge in, and showcase

CEO of Flipkart’s strategic brands calls it a day

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Ravi Vora, CEO, Strategic Brands, Flipkart, has quit. An IIM Bangalore and BITS

APAC CEOs need to change management styles

BANGALORE, INDIA: A new global survey by Amdocs found that senior service provider executives believe industry CEOs

Here’s all you need to know about Google’s new CEO

BANGALORE, INDIA: Here is a brief on the rising career graph of the anointed CEO of

Missing Report from Boardrooms: Seen a woman?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: This may cause some of you to shift in their seats and others