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Yahoo makes its task management bot ‘Captain’ available on Facebook Messenger

Yahoo has launched its ‘Captain’ bot for Facebook Messenger now. Launched last month as a SMS-based bot assistant to help families stay organized. The bot helps manage lists and reminders for family members via text message. While developers generally build bots for messaging

Wipro launches Cloud Bot to accelerate enterprises’ cloud journey

Wipro has launched a digital consultant,Wipro Holmes Cloud Bot to help clients with their cloud placement decisions. The bot is designed to hasten cloud assessment projects for enterprises, thereby substantially reducing the time taken, from months to weeks. This ensures

Payjo reportedly to launch banking bots with Yes Bank and RBL

By : CIOL Writers

AI banking platform, Payjo will soon be launching its banking bots in India in collaboration with Yes Bank and RBL, according to an Economic Times report. Apparently, the Silicon Valley-based company has already signed pacts with the two banks and

Robotics: ICICI Bank gets the new denomination

MUMBAI, INDIA: Software robotics led business processes could hit a number of 500 by end of

The next big thing in healthcare is Bots

Pratima H INDIA: Automated nutrition tracking, Glucose monitoring, Asthma notification through wearables, devices that manage increased

Messenger bots can now send you ads on Facebook

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook has made an important change to its Messenger Bots policy that will allow businesses to

‘Digital’ not a hammer for this Bank

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: Applications, transactions, loans, withdrawals, complaints and everything else in between – can

Post-Slack Offices: Part 2

Pratima H INDIA: In the first part, we tried to get over the shock of finding

A 7” heel on the treadmill! Post-Slack Offices arriving?

Pratima H INDIA: No matter how ‘in’ it is out there, or if it’s the exact

Meru Cabs: Parking Bots and AI in the right spot?

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: The trunk space matters. It not only holds stuff that you can’t