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Delphi joins the Intel-BMW-Mobileye self driving cars project

By : CIOL Writers

Automotive parts and electronics maker, Delphi has joined BMW, Intel and Mobileye as a new partner in their previously announced initiative to co-develop an autonomous driving platform. As the technology industry races to develop self-driving cars, companies are increasingly inking partnerships and

BMW, Intel and Mobileye to deploy 40 autonomous test cars on road this year

By : CIOL Writers

From the world’s first 5G modem to smart hairbrush, CES 2017 has already set tech world on fire with a small peep into future of technology. Now, bringing one of the most anticipated announcements from the show- a fleet of

BMW and Baidu have reportedly called off their autonomous car partnership

By : CIOL Writers

BMW and Chinese search giant Baidu are reportedly ending their two years old partnership on self-driving cars. Though Chinese tech major Baidu announced last week that it had begun testing self-driving vehicles in Wuzhen but looks like its tie-up with