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Uber acquires social product studio Swipe Labs

By : CIOL Writers

Uber Technologies has acqui-hired Swipe Labs, the social product studio run by Marwan Roushdy. Marwan Roushdy announced on Medium that, “a portion of the team would be joining Uber to improve the driver experience within the driving team.” Though the

The acceptance of the inevitability of getting hacked is on the rise among apps users

BANGALORE, INDIA: A recent survey commissioned by A10 Networks reveals that despite half of all global respondents consider apps to be as or almost as important as breathing, eating and drinking to them- a significant amount of the world’s population still are

App usage growth in India slowed down to 43pc YoY in 2016 against 92pc in 2015

BANGALORE, INDIA: India’s mobile app usage still ascending on the growth curve but not at the rate its was seen in the year prior. The app usage growth slowed down to 43% YoY in 2016 compared to 2015 growth rate of 92%, reveals the findings

AirWire Technologies partners Reliance Jio to bring connected car apps & services to India

By : CIOL Writers

AirWire Technologies has partnered Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd to provide AirWire’s Connected Car IoT Device incorporating AirWire’s patented antenna technology to Indian users. The AirWire Connected Car Device operates in Jio’s pan-India advanced 4G/LTE Network enabling Connect Car apps and

Google’s Instant apps are being rolled out for testing

By : CIOL Writers

Bridging the gap between web apps and native apps, Google’s Instant app is finally out for testing. Google said, “We’ve been working with a small number of developers to refine the user and developer experiences. Today, a few of these

Most viral mobile apps of 2016: Pokemon Go, Prisma and more

Soubhik Mukherjee 2016 is the year we saw Google finally coming up with a product which competes with the iPhone in the premium segment, while Apple’s response to it was to lose the jack in iPhone 7. But both these

Google introduces new updates for ‘Top Charts’ in the Play Store

By : CIOL Writers

After adding a revamped UI, a new trending section and net-banking support in the payment mode, Google is testing some new upgrades for the Play store. Instead of displaying the trending apps in the form of exclusive app cards, Play

Apps will be a game changer for RJio

Thomas George We have been anticipating the commercial launch of RJio to the widest set of consumers across the country for quite a long period now. The wait seems to be getting longer and longer as RJio is busy building

Apple starts casting for its first reality show ‘Planet of the Apps’

By : CIOL Writers

There’s now a reality show for app developers also, thanks to Apple. Let’s call it the Shark Tank for developers. The tech giant is all set to start shooting for its first reality TV show, ‘Planet of the Apps,’ and

Our diminishing attention span poses trouble for mobile marketers

By : CIOL Writers

In this age of aplenty, we are spoilt for choices. And that, according to a report conducted by Jampp, is eroding our attention span by a dramatic 88 percent year over year, especially in the way we use apps and smartphones.

7 Apps that can make you a better writer

By : CIOL Writers

A piece of art might look easy but the efforts that go into making that art aren’t always easy. As W.B.Yeats puts it: “I said, ‘A line will take us hours maybe; Yet if it does not seem a moment’s

Reliance Jio opens online registration for 4G trial

BANGALORE, INDIA: The commercial rollout of Reliance Jio’s 4G services seems not very far off now as the company makes its official site, Jio.com live and opens registrations for network trials too. RJio started with an invite-based 4G services trial

Blood, Ink or HTML5: Part Two

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: In part one of the story, we covered a lot of ground on HTML5, but

Blood, Ink or HTML5: What are apps dipping into?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Do you speak Pidgin? If not, you better not talk to someone who

Knowing Your Customers: Clever not Creepy

By : Pratima Harigunani

MUMBAI, INDIA: He feels that the writing on the wall is not about whether or not our

Offline feature is now live in Google Maps for India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Google Maps today launched new offline functions in its app. Users can now download

Google drops base price of apps to woo developers and users in select markets

BANGALORE, INDIA: To provide pricing flexibility to developers, Google has lowered the minimum price threshold of apps

Hunting for the ‘Right to be be Forgotten’

INDIA: The new digital age brings both opportunities and risks. The launch of the Single Digital Market

10 apps to track your heart health

MUMBAI, INDIA: A recent study revealed there is a rise in the number of Indians suffering