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Meet 9 yr old Anvitha Vijay, youngest developer at Apple WWDC

By : CIOL Writers

Do you remember, on Satya Nadella’s visit to India he had met an 8 yr old game developer who aspired to be the next Microsoft CEO. It is not surprising to see such little wonders coding and creating their own

All you need to rob an Apple Store is a blue t-shirt

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Breaking into an iPhone might be next to impossible but breaking into an Apple store and getting away 19 iPhone richer is perhaps much easier than one could imagine. Seems like, with all the security personnel and cameras, all you

Apple may soon start selling electricity

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Apple, the world’s most valuable company sells quite a lot of stuff but who thought that the maker of iPhone would sell power too? Apple Inc. has quietly created an energy subsidiary, ‘Apple Energy’ LLC, registered in Delaware but run

Apple is a new contender in $100B mobile ad market

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Apple wants a piece for itself in the $100 billion mobile advertising market. The tech titan is going to “start showing search ads for apps in its iOS App Store search results for the first time,” reported The Verge on

Britain passes internet spy bill

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After the US government bypassed Apple Inc’s reservations, to hack into a terrorist’s iPhone, the UK House of Commons has now passed a controversial bill giving spy agencies the authority for bulk surveillance and computer hacking. Many of the surveillance

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 plus

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When its iPhone, a simple “plus” means much more than few minor additions. A plus model from Apple signifies better camera, far superior battery life and better screen. And now with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this gap

Govt. takes a strong stance against refurbished iPhone sales in India

This is the second time Indian government has made it clear that if Apple wants to grow iPhone sales in India, it will have to find ways other than selling old phones. At a press conference in New Delhi on

Tech This Week: Cook in, Flash out

INDIA: Celebrity dinners and star-struck IPL matches aside, Apple’s CEO India visit caused a lot of

Andhra Pradesh can help Apple revive sagging iPhone sales in India: CMR

Apple CEO Tim Cook today inaugurated the company’s first development centre in India. Although it is

Hyderabad becomes crucial for Apple’s maps enhancement project

HYDERABAD, INDIA: Apple today announced the opening of a new office in Hyderabad that will focus

Apple’s investment in Didi points towards its tacit future goals

China based company, Didi Chuxing today announced a $1 billion investment from Apple. Didi is the China’s

44 percent wish mobile services from Google, Apple or Facebook

By : CIOL Writers

Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon are not just big tech enterprises. For people, these names symbolically

The Future of Apps is Apps

By : CIOL Writers

According to the Yahoo’s Flurry analytics, 90 percent of consumers’ mobile time is spent in apps,

Tech This Week: Why did the Apple Fall?

INDIA: It was once-in-13-years news but yes, iPhone sales showed a slump – something that was instrumental

Summer internship: Think beyond Apple and Google

By : CIOL Writers

Computer science and engineering students are hot properties in Silicon Valley. The demand for tech talent

Apple: Is the Best over?

By : CIOL Writers

Apple knew it was coming. The tech titan had predicted its fortune in January only. Tuesday

FBI paid a bomb to hack into Apple iPhone

By : CIOL Writers

FBI paid a ‘bomb’ to hack into the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. FBI Director James Comey

Apple iOS 9.3.1 has a handy bug

By : CIOL Writers

iOS 9.3.1 was released by Apple Inc. specifically to fix some serious concerns with iOS 9.3.

iPhone SE won’t create the right niche for Apple in India

Faisal Kawoosa Apple’s iPhone SE has been officially launched in the country today. The 32GB variant is

Will Apple be allowed to sell used iPhones in India?

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Don’t turn “Make in India into Dump in India”. The message is loud and clear from