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Apple vs FBI- Battle Continues

By : CIOL Writers

Apple vs FBI battle seems to be raging every passing day. Many other players have joined the fray taking either side. When Warren Buffet thinks that national security comes before privacy, big names like Facebook and Google are rallying behind

Google AMP Is Taking Over Mobile Web?

By : CIOL Writers

The way we reach information today has been transformed from newspaper to smartphones or tablets. Though people are spending an enormous amount of time with mobile phones, bad web experience can spoil the efforts. Hence to solve the complaints of

Not the Apple of every eye today?

USA: New reports are digetsing a record but also lower-than-expected first quarter kitty for Apple with

First Apple store in SE Asia to come up in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Apple Inc will open its first retail store in Singapore, its first ever in South

Huawei records highest growth in smart phone sales in Q32015

SINGAPORE: Continued demand for affordable smart phones in emerging markets drove worldwide sales of smartphones in

Yahoo! announces Flickr updates for iOS 9

MUMBAI, INDIA: Yahoo! has announced a Flickr update for iOS 9 devices which has new features

Apple offering Rs 34,000 discount on latest iPhones

MUMBAI, INDIA: It’s not even a month, and Apple has announced discount to the tune of

So who’s lurking around Apple’s walled garden?

LOS GATOS, CA: The consumer electronics market is dominated by Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung

Apple faces $862 million payout suit

MUMBAI, INDIA: Consumer giant Apple which created ripples globally with the launch of its latest iPhones,

Google Nexus tops the list of most secure Android devices

MUMBAI, INDIA: Google Nexus has emerged as the most secure Android-based device, according a new research

Croma to run Apple stores in India

MUMBAI, INDIA: Its good news for lakhs of Apple fans in India, their very own Apple

Will Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cost more in India?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Will the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus cost more in India? According

Some apps missing from the App Store

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple yesterday said that it has removed some applications from its App Store. However,

A start-up to propel Apple’s AI synergies

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple has acquired Perceptio, a start-up that develops technology to allow companies to run

Google fires at Apple; launches new Nexus phones, tablet

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a bid to target loyal Apple customers, Google has launched new Nexus smart

Will Apple continue to see the momentum for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in India?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple will unveil its latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in India on

A robot in queue for new Apple iPhone

MUMBAI, INDIA: Who says you need to burn your legs standing in endless queues to buy

11 ways to exploit the iOS 9 flaw

MUMBAI, INDIA: A major flaw lets you bypass the passcode and access photos on an Apple

A $1 million bounty to hack iOS 9

By : Sonal Desai

PARIS: French security firm Zerodium has announced $1 million bounty to hackers who can breach Apple‘s

Apple to offer domestic downloads within China

In a bid to prevent further attacks on its App Store, Apple will offer domestic downloads