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Top 5 sports streaming apps for Android & iPhone

By : CIOL Writers

There are people who love cricket. Then there are those who love Football and of course, there’s a separate coterie of Lawn Tennis and NBA fans. And then comes those that love them all. Yes, the sport geeks who swear

Youtube gets a makeover and a new logo

By : CIOL Writers

Everybody’s favorite video streaming app Youtube is undergoing a huge makeover. The California based video platform has revamped its look with a new logo and desktop and app re-design. Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube in an official blog said, “We

Sarahah secretly uploads users’ contacts to the company’s server

By : CIOL Writers

Sarahah, the popular anonymous feedback app has been secretly uploading user data on the company’s server without your knowledge or permission. The behavior was spotted by security analyst Zachary Julian and first reported by The Intercept. According to Julian, the Sarahah app plays

Google testing ‘Search Lite’ app in select regions with patchy mobile network

By : CIOL Writers

After conquering the developed markets of the world, tech majors are now looking at the emerging markets as the new growth areas. However, the infrastructure or the lack of it poses a big deterrent here. So, to overcome this, the

Facebook covertly launches a mobile app in China

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook, which has largely been banned in China since 2009, has found a way to sneak in the country. The social networking company has quietly launched an app called Colorful Balloons that behaves very much like company’s own Moments, according to a report by

Uber partners Delhi Police to enhance women safety

By : CIOL Writers

Uber is partnering with Delhi Police to integrate women safety mobile app, Himmat in its rider app. The quick access to Himmat from within the Uber app will act as a “force multiplier,” the company said. This is Delhi Police’s first partnership with a technology company

Microsoft rolls out Kaizala, a ‘made for India’ chat application

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has launched its ‘made for India’ chat application called Kaizala. The application is designed for large group communication and can enable messages to be sent to millions of people in a group simultaneously. ”Kaizala brings together the two disparate

Automotive OEMs and the app-pedal

Shrikant Salke Automotive consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy and have started using mobile applications for each

Google starts ‘Solve for India’ program to energize entrepreneurs and developers in tier II cities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Internet today provides an opportunity to everyone to pursue their passion and create solutions

Karnataka govt launches women safety app ‘Suraksha’

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to ensure better safety for women in the city, the Bangalore Police has launched a

YouTube Go now available in India in beta mode for data-savvy mobile users

After announcing YouTube Go in September, last year, YouTube has now made the beta version of YouTube

No Pressure about loans, TTK’s new recipe

BANGALORE, INDIA: Despite a ginormous landscape for SME lending market in India, it keeps popping as an

A for App Economy, A for Availability

Ashok Acharya In today’s connected, mobile and application-based environment there is a high possibility that a

When the car becomes the chassis

Pratima H INDIA: It used to be all about whether it is a V8, a V12,

Apps: A trip as fun as a landmine-travel?

Pratima H INDIA: A small idea by John Scott Haldane in the early 1900s proved extraordinarily

Apps are like Love Affairs. Yeah.

Pratima H INDIA: Revolving doors have a lot of plus points. No guards, no usherers, no

Aqua App promises to help aqua-farmers yield big returns

HYDERABAD, INDIA: To help over 75,000 farmers engaged in Aqua Culture in Andhra Pradesh and outside,

Walnut app crowdsourcing user info to help find ATMs with cash

BANGALORE, INDIA: As accessing cash via ATMs has become a very cumbersome process these days with

5 infotainment apps that will keep kids happy

Nowadays kids know that they can watch TV shows on their parents’ tablets or smartphones. Also

Looking for a needle in a needle stack

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: When 74 per cent senior level business and IT executives report improvement in