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Automotive OEMs and the app-pedal

Shrikant Salke Automotive consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy and have started using mobile applications for each

Google starts ‘Solve for India’ program to energize entrepreneurs and developers in tier II cities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Internet today provides an opportunity to everyone to pursue their passion and create solutions to solve for the real problems of India. For instance, Jaipur based Nishant Patni’s Hello English app has helped 95 lakh Indian natives learn

Karnataka govt launches women safety app ‘Suraksha’

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to ensure better safety for women in the city, the Bangalore Police has launched a free women safety app for women, Suraksha. The safety or panic app, ‘Suraksha’ will help women in distress to alert police for help, as

YouTube Go now available in India in beta mode for data-savvy mobile users

After announcing YouTube Go in September, last year, YouTube has now made the beta version of YouTube Go available for download in the Google Play Store in India. Considering the demand for a fast video app among India’s mobile-internet savvy population,

No Pressure about loans, TTK’s new recipe

BANGALORE, INDIA: Despite a ginormous landscape for SME lending market in India, it keeps popping as an under-served category and that itself should explain the recent spurt of interest by many players to give a new spin to this category using

A for App Economy, A for Availability

Ashok Acharya In today’s connected, mobile and application-based environment there is a high possibility that a consumer engages more through a software app than with another human.Welcome to the ‘app economy’, where businesses get just seconds to impress their consumers.

When the car becomes the chassis

Pratima H INDIA: It used to be all about whether it is a V8, a V12, a 458, a 488, a flat one with horizontal cylinders or a turbo-charged one; but now the conversations in Mo-towns are about hybrid engines,

Apps: A trip as fun as a landmine-travel?

Pratima H INDIA: A small idea by John Scott Haldane in the early 1900s proved extraordinarily helpful for coal-miners in Britain. Canaries (small sentinel birds) started being used for early-warning detection of toxic gases like Carbon Monoxide. The logic was

Apps are like Love Affairs. Yeah.

Pratima H INDIA: Revolving doors have a lot of plus points. No guards, no usherers, no speed-breakers, no frisking delays. But they do have one much unexpected and a far-flung collateral damage. Now there is one less way of knowing

Aqua App promises to help aqua-farmers yield big returns

HYDERABAD, INDIA: To help over 75,000 farmers engaged in Aqua Culture in Andhra Pradesh and outside, two aqua farmers Ramachandra Raju and Venu Dantuluri have developed an  intuitive and user-friendly mobile application, called ‘​A​qua​ ​App’. AP Fisheries market size is Rs

Walnut app crowdsourcing user info to help find ATMs with cash

BANGALORE, INDIA: As accessing cash via ATMs has become a very cumbersome process these days with ATMs running out of cash more than often, personal finance management app, Walnut has launched a feature that will allow users to find a

5 infotainment apps that will keep kids happy

Nowadays kids know that they can watch TV shows on their parents’ tablets or smartphones. Also a growing collection of apps today are specially designed and curated for kids only. On the occasion of the Children’s Day, here’s a curated

Looking for a needle in a needle stack

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: When 74 per cent senior level business and IT executives report improvement in customer experience, 76 per cent applaud improvement in digital reach, 33 per cent indicate increase in speed to market and 37 per cent point

Cloud is not everyone’s cup of Tea. Or Wine

Pratima H ISRAEL: Despite barrels of cloud apps rolling in from all sides – DIY basements, SaaS pipes, pure-play walls, neighbourhood cellars like Amazon, Google etc; the seasoned whiff of a cloud sommelier is conspicuous by its absence in the

Paytm gets a good seat inside IRCTC

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Paytm informs in an announcement that it has emerged as the most credible and convenient payment option on the IRCTC platform. The Paytm Wallet is already accepted on the IRCTC platform and this native integration of Paytm’s

Yes Bank is all ready to say Yes to UPI

MUMBAI, INDIA: Yes Bank has commenced what it calls, a first-of-its-kind Unified Payments Interface (UPI) services by partnering with 50 businesses, to catalyse one of the biggest payment innovations in the banking universe with an aim to make fund transfer easier

‘Digital’ not a hammer for this Bank

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: Applications, transactions, loans, withdrawals, complaints and everything else in between – can be nothing but nails for a bank who wears tech-tinted glasses and assumes that simply adding the alphabet ‘e’ to any process can make

Post-Slack Offices: Part 2

Pratima H INDIA: In the first part, we tried to get over the shock of finding chat-boxes crawling out of their closets like a proud Toby and perching themselves well around guys that wave wands of action at workplace. Now,

A 7” heel on the treadmill! Post-Slack Offices arriving?

Pratima H INDIA: No matter how ‘in’ it is out there, or if it’s the exact shade of your tangerine or makes a stylish sound or is even incredibly easy to slip in and out of – a cool pair

Slack’s not bugging, Email’s going like cockroaches – Ryver’s Ready

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H SCOTTSDALE, USA: At the funeral of the much-beloved water-cooler, some came to pay their respects, some to see who all had come, some to strut their black wardrobes and some to genuinely cry a river over the demise