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Apple is taking down clone and spam apps from the App Store

By : CIOL Writers

‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ Some developers take this phrase quite literally and blatantly copy apps and post them on the App Store. In a bid to fix the issue, Apple is now taking down these cloned apps with

Apps: A trip as fun as a landmine-travel?

Pratima H INDIA: A small idea by John Scott Haldane in the early 1900s proved extraordinarily

Apps are like Love Affairs. Yeah.

Pratima H INDIA: Revolving doors have a lot of plus points. No guards, no usherers, no

Pokémon Go registers highest first week downloads for Apple

By : CIOL Writers

There is no stopping Pokémon Go. Not just the rage is at an all-time high, record

Tech This Week: Crashes of all sorts

INDIA: Apple and Spotify are at it this time. The skirmish has begun. And so have