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Hard times for Google’s Fiber rollout

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s ambitious plan of launching its Fiber broadband and TV service and signing up around 5 million subscribers in five years isn’t going as planned. Though the service officially went live in the Salt Lake City, Utah on August 24th,

Apple, Google, AT&T join hands to crackdown on ‘Robocall’

By : CIOL Writers

Thirty-three technology and communication companies including AT&T, Alphabet, Apple, and Comcast are joining an effort with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to crack down on robocalls, automated, prerecorded phone calls that regulators have labeled a “scourge.” These IT companies

GlaxoSmithKline and Google will develop bioelectronic medicines

By : CIOL Writers

British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is teaming up with Google’s parent company Alphabet to create a new company to develop bioelectronic medicines that can “harness electrical signals in the body to treat chronic disease.”The joint venture will be named Galvani Bioelectronics,

Alphabet is growing bigger despite piling ‘X’ lab losses

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. is growing bigger and it’s still one of the biggest technology businesses in the world despite huge chunks of losses that are piling up in Alphabet’s “X” lab, a wellspring of far-out ideas that has

Google researching on how to build an honest robot

By : CIOL Writers

Making Robots might not be so tough but making them do the right stuff without any undesirable consequences is a task in itself. A robot might help you in cleaning and dusting your house but the two vases and a

Google looking at millimeter-wave transmission to bring fiber to masses

By : CIOL Writers

Who doesn’t want Google’s cheap, high-speed Fiber Internet network? But then, not many people want to bear the cost of running fiber-optic under streets and to houses, which involves a lot of messy manual labor as well. Well, Google might

Alphabet: Don’t know enough yet?

By : Sanghamitra Kar

Sanghamitra Well so all of you have heard enough about the new CEO of Google! In the limelight of Pichai,  we all missed out on the significant part when Larry Page, CEO announced that Google will now be owned by

Sundar Pichai is now Google’s new CEO

BANGALORE, INDIA: Chennai-born Sundar Pichai, is the new CEO of Google. Sundar Pichai  joined Google in 2004 and was in charge of product and engineering for the company’s internet businesses. Then had taken charge from Andy Rubin who was co-founder and former