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Inside HCL:VDI and more

Pratima H INDIA: Observing and acknowledging actual needs, gaps and possibilities is just one of the

The Aye and Why of AI

Pratima H INDIA: When he advises to think of an ocean with a prudent dimension and not

Intel brings AI to PCs with $79 Movidius Neural Compute Stick

By : CIOL Writers

Intel has launched the Movidius Neural Compute Stick, a one-of its-kind a tiny fanless USB-based deep learning device that can be used to learn AI programming at the edge. The device, geared for researchers and developers enables rapid prototyping, validation and deployment

Axis Bank’s accelerator program boosting innovative fintech, AI startups

BANGALORE, INDIA: Axis Bank has announced the completion of the first cohort of its startup Accelerator Program at its innovation lab,’Thought Factory’, in Bangalore. The bank might explore some of the novel solutions around Payments, Investments and Credit which are developed by the startups

When Enterprises meet Aliens – ET is DT

UDAIPUR, INDIA: It’s a different DNA altogether and the species looks so light years ahead that one can be forgiven for getting scared, skeptical or seized when one first meets it. But for those who had their ears glued to

More and more tech vendors indulging themselves in ‘AI washing’

BANGALORE, INDIA: Market hype and growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) are pushing established software vendors to introduce AI into their product strategy, creating considerable confusion in the process. Analysts predict that by 2020, AI technologies will be virtually pervasive

Microsoft creates new AI lab to build the holy grail of general AI

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has created a new research lab aimed at creating more general-purpose learning systems based on artificial intelligence. The lab will be located at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters with a team of over 100 scientists working on AI, from various fields including natural language processing, learning

Google acquires four month old Bangalore based AI startup Halli Labs

By : CIOL Writers

Google has acquired Bangalore-based Halli Labs that’s barely four months old and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Halli Labs announced the acquisition late Wednesday.“We will be joining Google’s Next Billion Users team to help get more technology

Toyota launches $100M VC fund to back AI startups

By : CIOL Writers

Toyota joins the long list of companies forming AI-focused venture capital funds that include names like Baidu and Google’s Gradient Ventures. The automotive giant has launched Toyota AI Ventures with initial funding of $100 million from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), an AI-,

Intel eyeing AI, HPC, 5G workloads at datacenters with new Xeon Scalable processors

MUMBAI, INDIA: Intel today launched its new Xeon Scalable processors In India which expands its datacenter efforts with capability to handle compute-hungry tasks such as real-time analytics, virtualized infrastructure and high performance computing. The processor is designed to support an

AI- the New UI?

Manish Choudhary Evolution of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) From digital personal assistants to applications that provide contextual and relevant recommendations for ecommerce, to driverless cars that may soon be a reality, AI is making every interface both simple and smart and

Google’s DeepMind heads to Canada for its first international AI lab

By : CIOL Writers

Google‘s artificial intelligence (AI) subsidiary DeepMind has opened its first international research lab in Edmonton, Canada. The research lab is being set up in close partnership with the University of Alberta, and will be led by UAlberta academics Rich Sutton, Michael Bowling and Patrick

Infosys Finacle and Active.AI join hands to boost conversational banking with AI

BANGALORE, INDIA: Infosys Finacle has partnered Active.AI, an Enterprise AI platform for banks to help financial institutions offer conversational banking services through chat and voice based interfaces across their digital channels. Active.AI is a Venture Funded Singapore headquartered fintech startup with an innovation

Google’s Cloud Video Intelligence API is now available in public beta

By : CIOL Writers

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz word in the tech industry presently. As part of the company’s ongoing push to make AI accessible, Google has now released its Cloud Video Intelligence API to the world by making it available in public

Google Photos rolls out AI-powered suggested sharing and shared libraries

By : CIOL Writers

Following the announcement made at I/O 2017 last month, Google Photos is starting to roll out Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries feature. In a blog post, James Gallagher, Engineering Director, Google Photos wrote, “To help you share and receive more

Tesla hires Andrej Karpathy to lead AI and Autopilot Vision

By : CIOL Writers

Over the past few months, Tesla’s Autopilot division has been plagued with management problems. Adding to the exodus is Chris Lattner who was hired six months back to lead the Autopilot software team at Tesla. A Tesla spokesperson confirmed the departure

With Microsoft Pix Camera, now transform your pictures into art

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft Pix that uses artificial intelligence to make your pictures look perfect has been updated with new filters to make your shots look like a real piece of art. The app was originally designed to enhance your iPhone photos and

What’s disrupting the security software market?

MUMBAI, INDIA: The security software market is undergoing a dramatic transformation due to four key developments, according to Gartner. The use of advanced analytics, expanded ecosystems, adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and managed services, and the prospect of

ARM announces a slew of processors to promote AI and machine learning

By : CIOL Writers

ARM has been supporting the development of mobile devices since 1990 through processors. These processors are the exact platform on which companies are now developing the abilities to boost mobile AI, mobile VR, and machine-learning tasks. Further promoting the development,

ABHED: An app to assist police in criminal investigation & missing persons’ search?

By : CIOL Writers

Thanks to technology, now policers officers can use AI to expedite the criminal investigation. Gurgaon-based Artificial Intelligence startup, Staqu, has launched first-of-its-kind proprietary criminal registration and search app, ABHED (Artificial Intelligence Based Human Efface Detection). The ABHED app will enable