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Microsoft unveils Brainwave- a hardware platform for real-time AI

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has announced Project Brainwave, a deep learning system that embeds neural network technology into the company’s high-tech programmable computer chips to accelerate one of the key processes for artificial intelligence. Researchers at the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino, California showed a Gated

AI is not the only thing that IT service professionals are losing their sleep over

By : Soma Tah

CHENNAI, INDIA: Contradicting what’s seen as a popular notion, Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t seen as a major job disruptor by the ITSM(IT Service Management) professionals yet, although, a majority(82 percent) of them believe that the IT roles of tomorrow will be more challenging.

Prisma launches website to market its AI tech

By : CIOL Writers

Prisma, the photo editing app that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to transform images into artistic pieces has launched a new website- prismalabs.ai – in order to market its services to other companies. “We see big opportunities in deep learning and

The number of hardware startups with over $100M funding grew 4X since 2014

BANGALORE, INDIA: Connected hardware phenomenon has brought the investor community’s interest back in the hardware startups like never before. The number of hardware startups with over $100 million funding quadrupled since 2014 from 8 to 36 and 18 hardware startups

‘AI Everywhere’ technologies are moving rapidly through Gartner’s Hype Cycle

INDIA: Artificial intelligence(AI) everywhere, transparently immersive experiences and digital platforms are the three distinct megatrends that will enable businesses to survive and thrive in the digital economy over the next five to 10 years, reveals Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging

IBM creates AI models to detect Schizophrenia

By : CIOL Writers

In today’s advanced world, any big disease or mental health problem can be treated very easily. Similarly, schizophrenia, a mental health disorder which affects around 3.2 million people around the world can be a very dangerous. However, IBM and the

HCL launches AI–powered process transformation platform and consulting

NEW DELHI, INDIA: HCL Technologies has launched ‘Cognitive Orchestrated Process Autonomics (COPA)’ Platform for enterprise-wide process revamp and ‘Transformation through Autonomics & Orchestration (TAO)’, bringing consulting services to enterprises, looking to rebuild their business and IT systems on the foundation of AI.

Toyota, Intel and others form big data consortium for automotive tech

By : CIOL Writers

Toyota, Intel and other technology and auto companies are joining hands to form a big data group to support self-driving cars and other future automotive advances. Swiss telecom equipment maker Ericsson, Japanese auto parts maker Denso and telecoms firm NTT

Facebook makes transition from phrase-based to AI-powered translations

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to provide better and more accurate translations to its diverse user base across the globe, Facebook has shifted from phrase-based translations to those powered by AI. The social network recently announced that now all of its online

Digitization and automation will make the traditional IT job roles redundant soon

By : CIOL Writers

As digitization and automation wave started disrupting the industries, it will have a major impact on the career choices of IT professionals as well. While companies are looking to adopt new technologies and platforms to advance their business results, professionals

Facebook acquires AI chatbot startup Ozlo

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook has acquired AI startup Ozlo to help Messenger build out a more elaborate virtual assistant for users. Though the terms of the deal were not disclosed, as part of the acquisition, Facebook will receive Ozlo’s tech and a majority of its team of

Inside HCL:VDI and more

Pratima H INDIA: Observing and acknowledging actual needs, gaps and possibilities is just one of the

The Aye and Why of AI

Pratima H INDIA: When he advises to think of an ocean with a prudent dimension and not

Intel brings AI to PCs with $79 Movidius Neural Compute Stick

By : CIOL Writers

Intel has launched the Movidius Neural Compute Stick, a one-of its-kind a tiny fanless USB-based deep learning

Axis Bank’s accelerator program boosting innovative fintech, AI startups

BANGALORE, INDIA: Axis Bank has announced the completion of the first cohort of its startup Accelerator Program at

When Enterprises meet Aliens – ET is DT

UDAIPUR, INDIA: It’s a different DNA altogether and the species looks so light years ahead that

More and more tech vendors indulging themselves in ‘AI washing’

BANGALORE, INDIA: Market hype and growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) are pushing established software vendors

Microsoft creates new AI lab to build the holy grail of general AI

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has created a new research lab aimed at creating more general-purpose learning systems based on artificial intelligence. The lab

Google acquires four month old Bangalore based AI startup Halli Labs

By : CIOL Writers

Google has acquired Bangalore-based Halli Labs that’s barely four months old and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine

Toyota launches $100M VC fund to back AI startups

By : CIOL Writers

Toyota joins the long list of companies forming AI-focused venture capital funds that include names like