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Intel unveils new AI-focused Nervana chipsets in collaboration with Facebook

By : CIOL Writers

Intel has unveiled a new set of AI focussed chipset called ‘Nervana Neural Network Processor’. The AI-based chipsets which are expected to ship by the end of 2017 are designed in collaboration with Facebook. The chipsets were earlier codenamed ‘Lake

Alibaba to invest $15bn in AI and quantum computing research

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced that it will invest $15 billion over the next three years to build overseas research and development program in order to compete with global leaders in e-commerce, logistics and cloud technology. The program is

AI startup Petuum secures $93mn from SoftBank

By : CIOL Writers

SoftBank has invested $93 million in an AI startup named Petuum, that simplifies the use of machine learning or deep learning at a large scale for companies. In addition to SoftBank, the round included participation from returning investor Advantech Capital and

Findability Sciences eyes Japan market, enters into a JV with SoftBank

MUMBAI, INDIA: SoftBank and Findability Sciences have agreed to establish a joint venture (JV) to offer the Findability Platform in the Japanese market. SoftBank holds a controlling 51 percent stake in the joint venture. Findability Sciences which has operations in

Microsoft finally brings Cortana to Skype for iOS and Android

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft announced that it is bringing Cortana, its AI assistant to Skype for iOS and Android users. It will work very much like Google’s Allo and Facebook Messenger’s M and will be available as a conversational partner. Cortana will provide

Intel working with developers, students, and professors to boost AI adoption in India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Intel architecture is providing the compute power to some of the critical AI initiatives in India, so businesses can accelerate solutions, automate operations, gather better insights – and make smarter decisions on the cloud. As a part of

Amazon acquires AI-powered 3D body modeling startup Body Labs

By : CIOL Writers

Amazon has acquired New York-based Body Labs, which is an AI-powered 3D body modeling startup, according to TechCrunch. Citing two sources familiar with the deal, the report pegs the sale price between $50 million and $70 million. Body Labs, founded in 2013, offers 3D

Intel unveils an AI chip modeled after the human brain

By : CIOL Writers

Intel has announced a neuromorphic artificial intelligence (AI) test chip named ‘Loihi’ that’s modeled after the human brain and can learn from its surroundings or locally from within the machine it is part of. “As part of an effort within Intel Labs,

Facebook’s AI assistant ‘M’ now helps with GIF recommendations and quick replies

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook Messenger’s AI assistant ‘M’ is getting new capabilities to respond to your messages. The social networking giant announced three new automatic suggestions for M including sharing GIFs, buying movie tickets, and sending quick text responses. The assistant will suggest sharing animated

Microsoft integrates Hexadite’s AI-based threat investigation tech to Windows Defender ATP

BANGALORE, INDIA: Following the recent acquisition of Israeli startup, Hexadite, Microsoft has now integrated Hexadite’s security automation technology into Windows Defender Advance Threat Protection (WDATP). This will enable Windows Defender ATP users to leverage state of the art AI technology to

Tesla said to be working on its own AI chip for self-driving cars

By : CIOL Writers

In a bid to reduce its dependence on Nvidia, Tesla is developing its own AI processor to power self-driving cars, reports CNBC. Presently, Nvidia supplies graphic processing units (GPUs) which power Tesla’s Autopilot and future self-driving system. According to the report,

Intel invests $1B to boost AI adoption

By : CIOL Writers

Artificial intelligence or AI is the buzzword in the technology world today with every tech major investing heavily in the domain and trying to integrate it into their products. Following the trend, the US chipmaker, Intel too has made a massive

The age of automation is upon us. But are we ready to accept it?

Anil Kumar “May we live in interesting times,” goes a Chinese proverb… There is significant amount of excitement, as well as anxiety about the rapidly evolving business models. Having become the game changer in the industry today, automation is being

Now Facebook is opening an AI research lab in Canada

By : CIOL Writers

Canada is rapidly becoming the hot bed for AI talent and research. Joining the likes of Google and Microsoft, Social networking giant Facebook is now opening a new AI research office in Montreal, Canada. Joelle Pineau, the co-director of McGill University’s Reasoning and Learning

Can AI detect sexual and political orientation from facial images?

By : CIOL Writers

Jane Austen often wrote about prejudices arising from first impressions. Switch to 21st century: she might just be right. Looks like humans might get it wrong, but, AI can be accurate with scanning faces and deducing qualities like IQ or

IBM and MIT team up for a new joint AI lab

By : CIOL Writers

IBM and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have partnered to open a Watson-branded artificial intelligence research lab, the duo announced. Under the agreement, IBM will contribute $240 million over the next decade to the lab, which will operate in addition to and in

Majority of millennial parents wouldn’t mind having an AI tutor for their kids

BANGALORE, INDIA: To keep kids engaged, millennial parents are using apps, interactive screens and intelligent devices. Born in 2010 and through 2025, these Generation Alpha is considered by many to be the most tech-infused demographic, and Artificial Intelligence(AI) technologies are

Microsoft unveils Brainwave, a hardware platform for real-time AI

By : CIOL Writers

Microsoft has announced Project Brainwave, a deep learning system that embeds neural network technology into the company’s high-tech programmable computer chips to accelerate one of the key processes for artificial intelligence. Researchers at the Hot Chips conference in Cupertino, California showed a Gated

AI is not the only thing that IT service professionals are losing their sleep over

CHENNAI, INDIA: Contradicting what’s seen as a popular notion, Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t seen as a major job disruptor by the ITSM(IT Service Management) professionals yet, although, a majority(82 percent) of them believe that the IT roles of tomorrow will be more challenging.

Prisma launches website to market its AI tech

By : CIOL Writers

Prisma, the photo editing app that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to transform images into artistic pieces has launched a new website- prismalabs.ai – in order to market its services to other companies. “We see big opportunities in deep learning and