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Google reportedly planning an inbuilt adblocker for Chrome

By : CIOL Writers

Google, reportedly is planning to add inbuilt adblocker for its Chrome browser. You must be thinking how is that possible, when Google makes the vast majority of its money from advertising. But, this is true nevertheless as Google seems to have devised

Facebook allows brands to use dynamic ads & drive mobile app installs

By : CIOL Writers

Ads are one of the most important sources of revenue for the social media giant Facebook. After allowing advertisers to send messages directly to the customers, Facebook is now allowing brands to use dynamic ads to drive mobile app installs.

Facebook finds a way to bypass web ad-blockers

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook is promising to adjust your newsfeed the way you want it to look like in terms of what ads you do or don’t want to see. But, wait. That’s not all. The social networking giant is also making the