CIOL.COM is India's premier business technology community network. As a popular resource for leading edge thinking on contemporary tech and business, it enables large enterprises and growing Mid Market community to harness the power of information.

CIOL's powerful network of vendors and solution providers creates business advantage through excellent content offerings and outreach programs.

Unparalleled in depth and relevance for business, the content not only helps readers to evaluate technologies, understand business impact and bring about greater efficiency in their organizations, but it also offers the potential to bring about transformation.

Being one of its kind to cover a wide range of deep-dive content like Cloud, Security, and Storage, CIOL has built a network of niche community, which appreciates the extensive coverage of new and emerging technologies, innovations and best practices across industries.

Its unbiased, expert-crafted content and interactive resources help create a distinct competitive business advantage.

By eliciting useful participation of experts and facilitating implementation of best practices, the CIOL has enabled its readers, who include CIOs, CXOs and IT decision makers, to achieve their business goals.

The portal leverages online audience of over 4 million and 1 million unique visitors every month. By offering free access to white papers, CIOL is committed to help IT leaders and decision makers in Mid Market and Large Enterprises in decision making and successful implementation of ideas.

With a clear action plan, CIOL has developed a strong interactive and engaging community in the past 16 years. By reflecting new trends in an ever-changing business environment, the portal has shown commendable commitment to serve the community with peer insight and expertise in the field.

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