MARS Rover Curiosity spoof video spreading far and wide

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[image_library_tag 943/16943, width=”255″ vspace=”7″ hspace=”7″ height=”198″ border=”0″ align=”left” title=”MARS Rover Curiosity spoof video” alt=”MARS Rover Curiosity spoof video” ,default]BANGALORE, INDIA : Ever since NASA launched the MARS Rover Curiosity mission, there has been widespread appreciation from people throughout the world who have lauded NASA and its novel scientific initiatives. Even the video of the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity has taken the world by storm.

But as if to cash in on the success of the MARS Rover Curiosity and even on its video going viral, a Seattle based humor group has paid tributes to NASA’s expedition to Mars in its own comical way. By making use of the famous pop song, “I’m sexy and I know it”, the group has released a spoof version of the MARS Rover video.

Now this video is going viral on YouTube and people are logging in by the thousands to watch this goof-up video. The video clip apparently depicts people impersonating NASA members and giving a rap touch to their post-landing actions and styles. A man, impersonating NASA’s Bob Ferdowsi is seen singing “ I got stars on my hawk and I ain’t afraid to show it.”. The clip also depicts various artists who sing in chorus “ We’re NASA and we know it.” The video was compiled by Satire which is a group of comedy artists.


One other interesting aspect about the NASA MARS Rover Curiosity Spoof video is that  the video has found appreciation from the NASA official twitter account. It seems that the video clip has been appreciated by NASA.

The video clip is surely hilarious and interesting. You certainly need to check it out. Click here to watch now and appreciate the NASA MARS Rover Curiosity mission.

Also click here to get all the latest updates from the NASA MARS Rover Curiosity mission. 

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