Is death sentence enough for Ajmal Kasab?

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BANGALORE, INDIA: The Supreme Court has today upheld the death sentence handed to Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab by the Bombay High Court.

[image_library_tag 275/19275, align=”left” title=”Ajmal Kasab” border=”1″ hspace=”10″ alt=”Ajmal Kasab” vspace=”10″ width=”276″ height=”183″ ,default]Confirming the death sentence, the top court observed that the primary and foremost offence that Kasab was charged with was waging war against India and "We are left with no option, but to uphold the sentence," says an NDTV report.

This delayed judgment has, however, failed to bring joy to several Indians. While some believe that death sentence is too mild a punishment for someone who came to India on  a suicide mission, others are tweeting that Kasab is a mere scapegoat of  bigger conspiracy being hatched against India.


”Kasab gets off lightly. Supreme Court upholds death penalty for him. He deserved a very long, terrible, lonely life in a dark pit,” says a Twitterati Abhijit Majumder.

”Kasab deserves a gruesome death. not just a quick hanging. but if that’s all our law can provide – PLEASE! its about time!” says another Twitterati Pushkaraj Shirke.

Some also fear that hanging Ajmal Kasab might give him the status of a martyr. ”Kasab came here on a suicide mission. Why hang him? That’s exactly what he wanted anyway. To die a hero. Let him live long & suffer,” says a tweet by G-man.

”Send that Ajmal Kasab to some public place. They would give the apt verdict for him,” tweets An007p.

While people are praising the Supreme Court for upholding the death sentence being handed over to Ajmal Kasab, they are also expressing concerns over the time that will be taken for order to be processed.

”The Govt seems to have misinterpreted Supreme Court’s verdicts. They said "Hang him till death", NOT "Hang-out with him till death,” says Mihir.S.Bijur in his tweet.

”I just hope after all this, they hang Kasab and not make a mockery of the Indian Judicial System.. Remember Afzal Guru??,” tweets Kapil Aggarwal.

”Death sentence for Ajmal Kasab, says Supreme Court. Now let’s all wait for a few more years to hear the date of judicial hanging,” says another tweet.

Also, few twitteratis couldn’t help but mock at the Indian Judicial System for taking four years to hand-out this decision.

”Ajmal Kasab to be hanged soon? I guess they just ran out of chicken biryani,” says Clifford.

”It took 4-years of comfortable, complimentary stay and kilos of Biryani, to pass this obvious a verdict!! #shame #kasab,” says Vinifer Gandhi.

”We’re a tolerant people, a fair country. And great hosts too. I’m sure Kasab didn’t get this kind of hospitality even in Pakistan,” tweets Karn Bawari.

However, since death sentence is the highest punishment that can be handed-out, it is a matter of joy that justice though delayed, hasn’t been denied.

Survivors and kin of victims of the 26/11 terror attacks hailed the Supreme Court judgment upholding the death sentence of Ajmal Kasab, says an IANS report.

Those of you who missed the interrogation of Ajmal Kasab can watch it by clicking here.

”I feel hanging Kasab is still less and an easy death as a punishment,” tweets Rashi Naresh. What do you have to say about this issue? Do let us know.

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