Top 10 tech companies that rank high on gender diversity and surprisingly Google’s not there

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The workplace culture and company review platform, Comparably has come up with a ranking of the top 10 tech companies for people of color, as well as the top 10 companies for women. Comparably measures how female and minority employees at an organization rate their experience across multiple dimensions.

The data comes at a time when tech is under increasing pressure to ensure women and people of color are treated fairly.

Salesforce tops the list of gender diversity, but what is surprising after the recent case of James Damore (the former Google engineer got fired by the company for controversial anti-diversity memo) is that Google has not found a place in the top 10 list for gender diversity. The whole situation was reflective of larger problems with gender and racial diversity throughout Silicon Valley.


Here’s the list from Comparably of the top 10 companies by gender diversity that are rated highest by female employees (Each company was assigned a score out of 100 that reflects the experience of women in the company):

1. Salesforce(82)

2. Adobe(80)

3. Intuit(80)

4. T-Mobile(79)

5. LinkedIn(79)

6. Accenture(79)

7. PayPal(78)

8. Workday(78)

9. Apple(78)

10. Facebook(77)

The Gender and Diversity scores are measured by how female and minority organizations are treated at an organization and rank their experiences across multiple dimensions. These scores are then ranked among (a) Companies of similar size across the US, (b) Companies headquartered in the same major metros and (c) Companies that compete against one another.

Comparably lets you ask Q&A around culture and workplace questions of employees at any company. The questions can be targetted to Females, Minorities, or team members of a specific Department.

The employees at Google have given a gender diversity score of 65/100 to its company. The company, however, is one of the top ranked for racial diversity.


Jason Nazar, co-founder/CEO of Comparably says, “As part of our mission to make workplaces dramatically more transparent, it’s vital that there’s a better understanding of what these environments are like for Women and People of Color. The best way to ensure healthy, supportive and high performing organizations is to bring to light what’s great about a company’s culture, and where they have opportunity to improve.”

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